Idea Program

Interesting Dimensions that Extend Abilities


Welcome to Darien's Gifted and Talented Program, Idea. The name, Idea, was created by a group of students and means Interesting Dimensions that Extend Abilities.

The Darien Public Schools recognizes the diverse needs of all students through the differentiation of a robust and rigorous curriculum that is engaging, meaningful, creative and cognitively complex. Differentiation and choice exist within the general education program to serve all students within the social, emotional and learning spectrums. The Darien Public Schools also recognizes that gifted students require specialized instruction due to their high intellectual ability and exceptional demonstration of the following traits: original or divergent thinking, curiosity, abstract reasoning ability, passion for learning and creativity. The Idea Program offers distinct opportunities for students in grades two through nine based on their unique learning pathways through rigorous, enriching, interdisciplinary programming through the domains of English Language Arts and Mathematics.

Thank you for your interest in the Idea Program. Have a wonderful school year!


Julie Droller, Program Director for Gifted Education

Cara Martin, Hindley, Royle and Tokeneke Elementary Schools

Andrea Aaron, Middlesesx Middle School, Holmes and Ox Ridge Elementary Schools

Michele Mattera, Middlesex Middle School, Holmes and Royle Elementary Schools

Maura Morash, Holmes and Ox Ridge Elementary Schools

Jennifer Record, Darien High School

Erin McCarthy, Darien High School