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Student Password Reset

Students Can Now Reset Your Own Password!

Go to: https://mypassword.dallasisd.org/

Steps: 1) student will enter their ID#

2) answer a question (for me it was a simple math problem 7+7=)

3) enter your ID number

4) change your password

There are rules regarding the password. The rules are listed on the page, and they won't get a green-go-ahead until they have entered a password that follows the rules.

If the link does not work, you will need to call IT- 972-925-5630.

Video and instructions from the district are below too!

Self Service Password Portal for Students Staff.pdf

National Honor Society Student Interest Form

WTW Food Drive.pdf

Mu Alpha Theta is a Math National Honor Society! You must have a B average in Algebra II and Geometry. Find Coach Look in room W307 to join!

To WTW Parents

WT White High School appreciates all our Parents for all they do for our campus. Thank you!!!!!

threat_extracted_Honey Baked Ham Seasonal Job.pdf

amazing job opportunity for the fall/winter season!


W.T. White Basketball

Glenn Smith <glenn@hoopfestbasketball.com>

Fri 10/29/2021 1:30 PM


I hope you're as excited about this year's Thanksgiving Hoopfest as we are. Dallas/Fort Worth has been on fire since the release of the schedule. To accommodate parents and fans, we are giving you a 3-hour head start to purchase tickets before they are available to the general public. Here are a few tidbits YOU NEED TO PURCHASE TICKETS:

• They can use the link below to purchase tickets starting Monday, November 1, 2021 at 9am using the code Turkey

• Click on the link that says "Have a passcode"

• All tickets are day passes.

• Please pass the link along as we are fully expecting to reach capacity on both nights.



• Once the allotment for parents/fan has been reached, they will NOT be able to purchase online tickets until noon.

LINK: CLICK HERE FOR SCHEDULE https://www.hoopfestbasketball.com/schedule-2/

Glenn Smith | Founder

Hoopfest Basketball Inc. e: glenn@hoopfestbasketball.com | w: www.hoopfestbasketball.com m: (214) 773-1016