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First Day/Week Information


Please check here for bus route information. If your student needs help with the buses, they can ask their counselor, AP or one of the hall monitors. All carpools should be dropped off in the student parking lot on the West side of campus. Please see drop off/ student parking information above.


Please log on to Powerschool to see your schedule or look up your schedule here (it will be live after 6:00 pm on Monday). If you have any questions or need to communicate with your counselor, please complete this form.  There will be lots of adults available to help students find their classrooms. 


Your student needs to bring a notebook and something to write with on the first day of school. Any other supplies needed will be included in the teachers’ syllabi and can be purchased after the first week of school.


Dallas ISD provides 1:1 devices for our students. Your student will be issued a laptop and charger by September 1st. Your student will need to bring a fully charged laptop every day to every class. If your student did not return the device last year, it has been locked. We will assist your student with this.


As a part of our building security plan, students can only carry transparent backpacks. DISD will provide one backpack per student. Every student will receive one free clear backpack. Students without clear backpacks should not carry any bag at all. All students without clear/mesh backpacks must enter through the main door, so that we can assist them.


Everyone in our building will wear identification badges. Students Visitors will check in the front office to obtain a temporary badge. We will provide each student with a badge. If the badge is lost, the students will be required to purchase a new badge. Students that have not already picked up their badge will be issued a temporary badge and will be able to take their photo during lunch.


Cell phones can be an unwanted distraction as well as create security risks on our campus. We invite parents to partner with us to prevent phones from interrupting our learning environment. Please monitor your students cell phone/social media activity, and please encourage your students to keep phones off and put away during class. Teachers and administrators reserve the right to confiscate a personal device any time it is deemed to be disruptive to the educational environment or harmful towards the student in question or another person.

Cell Phone Expectations


While W.T. White does not require students to wear uniforms, the following guidelines are in place to promote students’ understanding of expectations of dressing in a professional environment. This code teaches grooming and hygiene, prevents disruption, minimizes safety hazards, and maintains a positive learning climate.

Students may not wear clothing that is either revealing or provocative in messaging. Clothes must be worn in such a way that abdomen, genitals, buttocks, undergarments, and chest are completely covered. Students' clothing or tattoos may not have printed statements or pictures on either that are vulgar or obscene or related to the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, or sex, or that promote hate, violence, or gang-related activity. Students are prohibited from wearing attire that may be considered weapons, such as chain belts, wallet chains, or other similar attire. Any discrepancies with the Dress Code may be subject to administrative discretion.