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Student Password Reset

Students Can Now Reset Your Own Password!

Go to: https://mypassword.dallasisd.org/

Steps: 1) student will enter their ID#

2) answer a question (for me it was a simple math problem 7+7=)

3) enter your ID number

4) change your password

There are rules regarding the password. The rules are listed on the page, and they won't get a green-go-ahead until they have entered a password that follows the rules.

If the link does not work, you will need to call IT- 972-925-5630.

Video and instructions from the district are below too!

Self Service Password Portal for Students Staff.pdf

National Honor Society Student Interest Form

WTW Food Drive.pdf

Mu Alpha Theta is a Math National Honor Society! You must have a B average in Algebra II and Geometry. Find Coach Look in room W307 to join!

WTW is partnering up with Chick fil A

Great News Everyone, WTW is partnering up with Chick fil A. The whole month of December whoever go to Chick fil A on Midway and 635 mentions WTW High School our campus will get 5% back to our school.

Teachers, please encourage our students to go to Chick fil A. If your class gets receipts turned in to you, your class has a chance in winning a party. It can by your homeroom, band class, art class, theater class. Teachers let me know if you plan on entering the contest.

threat_extracted_Honey Baked Ham Seasonal Job.pdf

amazing job opportunity for the fall/winter season!


W.T. White Basketball

Glenn Smith <glenn@hoopfestbasketball.com>

Fri 10/29/2021 1:30 PM


I hope you're as excited about this year's Thanksgiving Hoopfest as we are. Dallas/Fort Worth has been on fire since the release of the schedule. To accommodate parents and fans, we are giving you a 3-hour head start to purchase tickets before they are available to the general public. Here are a few tidbits YOU NEED TO PURCHASE TICKETS:

• They can use the link below to purchase tickets starting Monday, November 1, 2021 at 9am using the code Turkey

• Click on the link that says "Have a passcode"

• All tickets are day passes.

• Please pass the link along as we are fully expecting to reach capacity on both nights.



• Once the allotment for parents/fan has been reached, they will NOT be able to purchase online tickets until noon.

LINK: CLICK HERE FOR SCHEDULE https://www.hoopfestbasketball.com/schedule-2/

Glenn Smith | Founder

Hoopfest Basketball Inc. e: glenn@hoopfestbasketball.com | w: www.hoopfestbasketball.com m: (214) 773-1016