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It is CRITICAL that your child continues to read AT LEAST 20 minutes every day over the summer months. Please encourage them to read a VARIETY of genre as well. Enrolling in the Park Ridge Public Library's reading program is a fun, motivating way to keep up with the reading!

Summer Math Packet

If you are interested in a summer math packet of skills that were learned in 4th grade, please email me. Otherwise, there are online resources that students can access to practice throughout the summer:

IXL, XtraMath, Khan Academy Mappers, Online games from Mrs. Germanowski's website

Online Resources for Practicing Skills

Khan Academy Mappers - Correlates with MAP Math scores, and includes the following areas: Number Sense, Geometry, Operations & Algebraic Thinking and Measurement & Data

IXL - ELA and Math topics

XtraMath - math fact practice

Tangy Tuesday - Math Puzzles

Wordy Wednesday - Math Word Problem Puzzles


Typically I don't check my school email after school hours. My little ones keep me very busy, and it's also the time I spend with my family. If there are questions about a homework assignment, students can always call a classmate, look up Google Classroom, or see if the information on my website can help them.

Online Math Book

If your child left their math workbook at school, they can access the homework by going to Superhero Resources - Math. Here they will find directions on how to access the online textbook.

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Edcite (Practice PARCC-like Reading Questions)

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