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The Technology Education department at Stevenson High School prepares students for a world of rapidly changing technology. Today, students need to be proficient with technology to succeed. The Technology Education curriculum prepares students for both professional and personal endeavors with technology. The curriculum is project based and will teach students to look at problems from a new perspective. The careers in technology that will be available for current high school students by the time they graduate from college do not exist today. Technology Education is focused on teaching students the skills and knowledge that they will need to adapt to new technology as it unfolds. The department offers curriculum in the following areas: engineering, architecture, print media, web development, game development, and audio/video design.

Student Testimonials


Courses: Intro to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering, Digital Electronics, Civil Engineering and Architecture, Engineering Design and Development


Courses: Architectural Design, Advanced Architectural Design, Civil Engineering and Architecture

Print Media

Courses: Print Media 1, Print Media 2, Media Arts Design and Development

Web Development

Courses: Web Development 1, Web Development 2, Media Arts Design and Development

Audio and Video Design

Courses: Audio and Video Design 1, Audio and Video Design 2, Media Arts Design and Development

Game Development

Courses: Game Development 1, Game Development 2, Media Arts Design and Development