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Have you ever thought of college? If you're interested, give us a try. A former student from the Lawndale AVID program never thought he could go to college but decided to join AVID during his 10th grade year because his friends did. He is currently at Harvard Law School today!!!

AVID is looking for students who want to go to a FOUR YEAR UNIVERSITY and have the full college experience. We will prepare you for that!

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Testimonial: "I was just reflecting on my college experience and am extremely thankful for AVID because it realky set me up for success in college." - G'iani Poke, Howard University c/o 2020

AVID students assist in recruiting the next generation of college-going students!

Pre-Covid, each grade level took a minimum of two fieldtrips to a local university and received tours from our former alumni.


We are looking for HIGHLY-MOTIVATED students who want to learn research-proven study techniques that will prepare them for their AP classes, college, and beyond. We help first generation college student and highly-motivated "middle-of-the-road" students get into college by encouraging them to:

1) Take AP classes. Colleges will accept the students with AP classes on their transcripts first because these students are able to show the colleges that they can handle college-level work in high school.

2) Get tutoring. Weekly, we have tutorials in-class to assist with the rigorous classes that students may have a difficult time in. College tutors, many who are former Lawndale AVID students, facilitate the tutorial groups. Check out the bios of our amazing tutors under the "More" Section.

3) Study for the SAT and college placement exams. Though the CSU and UC schools have stated that the SATs are not required, we encourage our students to look beyond what is stated and understand that if they want to be competitive, they will still study for these tests. There will still be a place where these test scores can be written down. Until the CSU and UC schools take that section down, we will continue to teach the SAT and push for rigor and excellence. These exams are also another way to show the universities that you are a higher-end student. Many private schools and scholarships require the SATs. The SAT II tests are required based on majors in various schools.

4) Stay Organized. We have weekly binder, agenda, and backpack checks.

5) Serve their school or local community. We require our students to do 20 hours of community service PER semester. The UC personal insight question requires students to write about how they served or affected their local school, community, or greater world. Additionally, most scholarships will ask about how the students have impacted their community and about their leadership skills.

6) Sit in the front of the class (if possible), say hello to the teacher, never put their head down, and sit with their backs straight so that they non-verbally communicate to their teacher that they are ready to learn.

7) Advocate for themselves. Students who progress are the ones who ask questions. There is no such thing as a dumb question.