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Orchestra BAND:


String Orchestra is the first Orchestra students will participate in at University High School. This a year long class with a lot of great opportunities for students to perform! Students 9-12 take this ensemble to work on fundamentals of playing a string instrument, learn awesome repertoire to perform in concerts, and develop ensemble skills critical for being a well-rounded musician. This group is non-auditioned and is open to all students!

This group performs 3-4 times per year in the evenings, and at an adjudicated festival. Students in orchestra will have additional opportunities outside of the normal class requirements as well!

Required Materials:

  • Working instrument! It is important you have a working instrument daily. If you need an instrument from the school, please speak with Mr. Newbill

  • All Instrument accessories: Rosin, Extra Strings, Rock stop for cellos and bass. Go to a local music shop for recommendations, or ask Mr. Newbill!

  • Pencil: Important for marking music daily in class.

  • Habits of a Successful String Musician for your instrument. I have class copies, but it is great when folks are able to obtain their own copy.

  • 3 Ring Binder: Important for any sort of warm up packets/pep music/theory work