Middle School

CPM Integrated middle school curriculum links:

i)   CC1, CC2, and CC3 info and table of contents
note 1: CC1 = Math 6, CC2 = Math 7, CC3 = Math 8
note 2: Math 7 Accelerated = Math 7 (CC2) + Math 8 (CC3) combined into one year
note 3: middle school Integrated Math 1 = high school Integrated Math 1 (please see the high school tab for more info)

CC1 Parent Guide.pdf

CPM CC1 Parent Guide (PDF)

CC2 Parent Guide.pdf

CPM CC2 Parent Guide (PDF)

CC3 Parent Guide.pdf

CPM CC3 Parent Guide (PDF)

PTA Math Presentation January 2023

Canyon Math Department PTA Presentation 2023