Congratulations to Ms. Penn the Teacher of the Year!!!

5th Grade Teams - Battle on Friday May 18th at 10am!

The Penn-Herr-Vinnes: Emily Huang, Bonny Huang, Terry Deng, Nora Layne, Edison Huang

Reading Enchantment: Jillian Taylor, Emily Cooper, Isabelle Nicole, Scott Baldwin, Mason Andjou - ***WINNERS***

4th Grade Teams - Battle on Friday May 18th at 9am!

The Pink, Fluffy, Sparkly, Unicorns: Mirielle Vadnais, Violet Ching, Madison Rees, Elizabeth Schubert

The Panda-Corns: Trevor Smith, Miah Zielke Sipaque, Sarah Umeh, Joanna Escobedo, Deseree DelToro, Allison Hu - ***WINNERS***

The Peoples: Chloe Yim, Lauren Mosier, Samuel Njoroge, Mateo Sheriff, James Ou

3rd Grade Teams - Battle on Thursday 5/24/18 at 9am!

The Red Hawks: Lena Hernandez, Rayonn Maxie, Natalie Ortega-Velasquez, Alexys Edwards, Marwa Fakouri

The Fierce Blue Sharks: Mirabel Lui, Layla Nunez, Emmanuel Lopez, Fiona Huang, Madison Dickieson, Maya McComb

Just Keep Counting Pages and Long Stories: Phoebe Kelly, Shota Yanagisawa, Leia Kremer, Kaleb Cotton, Janna Abdelaziz, Calvin Guiomar **WINNERS**

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