Castro Valley High School Counseling

Counselor Contact Info

Counselor Name Students (by last name & program) Contact Information

Ms. Gisela Sandoval A - Boa & Puente x3821

Mrs. Anne VanCourt Boc - Ei x3824

Mrs. Portia Atcherson Eli - Huf & AVID x3808

Ms. Kory He Hug - Lia & EL x3819

Mrs. Alma de la Rosa-Martin Lim - Pak x3830

Mrs. Amanda Maloney Pal - Suh x3812

Ms. Allison Zuckerbrow Sul - Z x3827

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Text the code below to 81010 or go to and enter the code for appropriate grade level!

Seniors: @cvhs-2019

Juniors: @cvhs-2020

Sophomores: @cvhs-2021

Freshmen: @cvhs-2022


March Into Your Future! Event for 11th grade students & their families - March 14th at 6pm in the Cafeteria - see flier below! RSVP at

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