Castro Valley Community Alliance

The Community Alliance is a collaborative group of Castro Valley community and educational leaders, students, and families advocating for compassion, understanding and acceptance.

Our Vision

Castro Valley is a diverse community that is welcoming and inclusive. It is a community where everyone is safe, respected and valued. Our school district is the heart of a rapidly evolving Castro Valley. In our schools, staff and families experience diversity as a catalyst for unity.

Past events and activities

Attend walk-through registrations: The Castro Valley Community Alliance attended all CVUSD walk-through registrations passing out flyers informing the community of the newly formed alliance.

Visit every middle school and high school classroom in district: On August 24th, September 29th and October 23rd, the Community Alliance visited Castro Valley High School, Canyon Middle School and Creekside Middle School to share information to the students about the Community Alliance.

Building Capacity to Engage in Important Conversations: The ability to engage in productive courageous conversations is a critical element of building community. The Alliance attended a workshop on November 8th where we learned skills to have healthy conversations related to equality and social justice.

Upcoming events and activities

Season of Service, Period of Peace is currently being planned. Season of Service, Period of Peace activities are held from January 15th- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday until March 31st - Cesar Chavez’s Birthday. During this period, planned activities encouraging service, peace, and kindness will be promoted throughout schools and the community. More information coming to you at a later time.

Documentary Films and Community Conversations focused on important topics related to equality and social justice are currently being planned and information will be sent out to the community as soon as they become available.

Presence at Planned Community Events - Community Alliance will be present at public community events. Please join us to show your support with a strong message that Castro Valley community stands united against hate. Information about community events will be sent out to everyone through email and other avenues.