Murdock-Portal Library

With Shelter In Place, several websites now have free access for all students. If you need to research a topic, try:

  • https://www.abdozoom.com/zoomchoice/?tk=AE75056C570B319A6B47A15986D1DEE9

Username: abdo zoom

Password: 2020

This is newly released access to databases from ABDO since our Shelter in Place began.It is perfect for K-3 exploration!

Also remember to log in to Soraapp.com as there are many fiction and non fiction titles available to all Portal students! https://soraapp.com/library/cupertinoca

ID: your student lunch code number PW: your google password

I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during this time!


Author and Illustrator, Scott Campbell, visited on Feb 3, and wowed us with his incredible artistic ability and tips on writing. The Portal library now has copies of his books: Sleepy, the Goodnight Buddy, Hugs, and Zombie Love in circulation.

On March 2, we hosted an assembly on Women in History. "Clara Barton" came to visit and we learned alot about Clara Barton, and these other women too:

  • Harriet Tubman
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Marie Curie
  • Marie Antoinette

As always, remember to check out the resources at the Cupertino Library as well as they have 2 million books available to all! ALL Portal students also have access through this website:


ID: S + Student ID + CUSD (i.e. S1234567CUSD)

PW: Birth month + 00 (i.e. May = 0500)

These online library websites are available throughout the school year. You can access them from anywhere you are in the world:

abdodigital.com ID: Murdo799 PW: shelf

Soraapp.com ID: your student lunch code number PW: your google password

Reading Buddies has begun Session #4. Readers and their buddies meet in the library on Tuesday and Thursday at recess. If you are a Rockhopper or 3rd grader who loves reading to others, and you enjoy helping out, this might be the program for you. You get to spend your entire recess on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the library. See your classroom teacher if you want to volunteer!

Are you someone who likes to celebrate your birthday? Why not donate a book to our library in honor of your birthday? Our Birthday Book Donation program helps you help our school! When Portal students make a Birthday Book donation, they get to choose and check-out a brand new book from a selection of NEW books in our library. We attach a permanent label with your name and birthday Month/day on the inside of the book to celebrate you! At the end of two weeks, your Birthday Book needs to be returned to the library so others can enjoy it too!

Birthday Book Donation forms are available at the front office and in the Portal library. Thanks in advance for your Birthday Book donations! Your generous donations last year brought us the latest Dairy of a Wimpy Kid and the entire series of Land of Stories books, books on animals and American history, and other titles on our student and teacher wish lists!