The Lion program is for boys who are in kindergarten or are ages 5-6. This is a Pilot Program for Cub Pack 119, and is a great introduction to Scouting. What follows are some Frequently Asked Questions about the program.

Q: How often and for how long does the den meet?

A: The den meets for eight to nine months of the year, two times per month, once for a den meeting and once for an outing and/or pack meeting. The den meetings usually last for one hour. The outings and pack meetings are longer, depending on the activity.

Q: Do Lions memorize the Scout Oath and Scout Law?

A: Lions are not asked to memorize the Scout Oath and Scout Law. The Lion program is an introduction to Cub Scouting. The goal is for Lions to start becoming familiar with the ideas and not emphasize memorization.

Q: What type of uniform does the Lion wear?

A: A Lion T-shirt and an optional cap specifically designed for Lion youth is in local council Scout shops.

Q: Do Lions have advancement like the other levels in the Cub Scouting program?

A: The Lion level will use immediate recognition stickers and a completion badge as part of a fun introduction to Scouting. Lions will begin their advancement trail and adventure belt loops when they begin working on the Bobcat rank in Tigers.

Q: Will Lions be a part of the pack?

A: Yes. For units participating in the pilot, Lions are a part of the Cub Scout pack. All Lions should at least attend 2-3 Pack meetings per year and more if their families’ desire. The Lion program is designed to introduce 5-year-old kindergarten-age boys to the fun and excitement of Scouting, but in ways that maintain age appropriate expectations. Because of their age, development level, physical abilities, and stamina, Lions should participate in pack activities as their families feel comfortable with the age appropriateness of the activities.

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