CTMS Schoolgen

We are proud to announce that CTMS is the first school in New Zealand to receive the Schoolgen Gold Award!!

Welcome to our Schoolgen Lead Team website!

CTMS is a Schoolgen School committed to educating our students about energy efficiency. We also produce our own electricity! We have 6KWh of solar panels operating.

Our CTMS Schoolgen Lead Team is a group of positive and enthusiastic students interested in energy efficiency. They work together as a team to monitor our energy efficient practices and action new learning in the school.

In 2013 CTMS was the first New Zealand Schoolgen School to be awarded the Super Solar Bronze Award. In 2014 CTMS was the first school in New Zealand to achieve the Schoolgen Silver Super Solar Award.

Here is our current 2017 Schoolgen Lead Team:

Here is a collection of what we have been working on.

In this website you will find:

  • A video describing our current state at CTMS and why we believe our school needs to replace our old flourescent bulbs with LEDs
  • A picture book designed by members of our Lead Team which we give to new students at CTMS to inform them about our Schoolgen programme
  • Data charts about how much money we have saved since the installation of our solar panels in 2009
  • An introduction about our Energy Owls and what they do
  • Weekly Sunbeam Award Winners
  • Our Energy Management plan
  • A focus on our annual Green Day celebration

Here is our Schoolgen Lead Team: