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WiCSE at the Fall 2019 Open HouseWiCSE group photo after the Disney Site Visit in Spring 2019WiCSE group photo in the Fall 2018 Open House EventWiCSE group photo for planning during the FallWiCSE group photo at a JPL Site VisitWiCSE group photo at a Dreamworks Site VisitWiCSE group photo at a Dreamworks Site Visit

Women in Computer Science and Engineering

Women in Computer Science and Engineering (WiCSE) is an organization funded by the school to encourage women to purse bachelor's degrees in the engineering and computer science fields. By providing academic and career support, WiCSE provides a supportive learning environment that will benefit the engineering community.

Why Participate in WiCSE?


We have offered events in the past to connect with industry professionals in a variety of events both located inside and outside of California State University, Fullerton. Locally, WiCSE has held workshops and lunch-ins for students to discover more about the industry and network with professionals. Outside of campus, WiCSE has offered students site visits across locations such as Disney, Southern California Edison, Dreamworks, and more.

WiCSE Group Photo after the Southern California Edison Site Visit
WiCSE Members Receiving Assistance from Professors

Academic Support

The program also aims to increase student success with academic support such as tutoring and strengthens community among all STEM students. Tutoring is located in the Center for Academic Support in Engineering and Computer Science. Study sessions and room reservations are also planned for students to assist one another nearing exam weeks.

Priority Registration

Participating in multiple WiCSE events may offer students the opportunity to receive priority registration for their classes their next semester. This privilege may be given to students who consistently attend events and meetings. With this privilege, WiCSE intends to have the members join classes together to form a community.

Overhead View of the Engineering and Computer Science Buildings at California State University, Fullerton

More Information

Collared long-sleeved denim button-up with the WiCSE Logo

WiCSE Merchandise

The design to the left is the shirt we hope to offer for WiCSE members. There may also be other merchandise such as stickers in the future. At various events, additional materials may also be offered ranging from tote bags to journals.

Social Media

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Email: wicse.csuf@gmail.com

Slack: wicsecsuf

Twitter: csuf_wicse

Instagram: wicse_csuf