Resources and Further Reading

Teach CS Plugged & Unplugged Resources for Remote Learning

Online Learning

  • CSTA’s COVID-19 Resources
  • Youtube Channel for CS Unplugged
  • Youtube Unplugged Lesson in Action - Computational Thinking
  • Sphero is offering complimentary access to a new Computer Science Foundations Course 1 theme of eight lessons every two weeks. These lessons can be accessed through the Sphero Edu app on any device.
  • Poll Everywhere is an interactive program that allows students to develop polls, collect data and analyze that data in real time.
  • Twitter Breakfast CS-Ideas about computational thinking to chew on with kids over breakfast (or lunch, or in the car) from the K-12 education team from Cornell Tech

Unplugged Learning

  • Chicago Public Schools Plugged & Unplugged Repository
  • CS Unplugged Project Free resources from the Computer Science Education Research Group (ages 5-14)
  • CS Unplugged Activities
  • CS Fundamentals Unplugged Lessons
  • CS Unplugged Lessons (ages 7-14)
  • CS-in-a-Box Unplugged Lessons (ages 9-14)
  • Sequencing and Looping Puzzles
  • Compression Code Puzzles
  • Pixel Puzzle Pictures and Computational Thinking


Web Sites

Just For Fun

Printed directions to make the giant Makey Makey as seen in the video to the right can be found here: Makey Makey Activitites