12/1/19 - Get ready for a Trimester of CREATIVE minds in ACTION! STEAM students in Grades K-3 will participate in Creativity Lab to solve problems, look at materials in unique ways, and build using their imaginations. Students in Grades 4-5 will participate in the Connecticut Invention Convention and actually invent new products that solve everyday problems. And watch out for students in Grades 6-8 as they create cardboard arcades based off of the idea in the short film Caine's Arcade. Amazing minds in action all across CSDNB!


The vision of STEAM/PLUS enrichment aligns with the district's guiding principles core beliefs:

All students can learn at high levels

IQ is not fixed - It can grow with new opportunities

Enrichment for all students - providing equity and access

STEAM/PLUS enrichment objectives:

  • Improve students’ ability to problem-solve, ask questions, and seek solutions to open-ended questions
  • Increase academic engagement through hands-on learning strategies
  • Provide enrichment opportunities for all students
  • Improve students’ ability to work collaboratively
  • Encourage ownership and choice in learning
  • Engage in project-based learning

What is the difference between STEAM and PLUS?

  • STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. This approach uses an integrated and hands-on approach to learning.
    • K-5 Students have approximately 3 hours of STEAM instruction in a six-day cycle.
  • PLUS = includes STEAM, Seminar, Art Enrichment Creative Expressions, Culinary, IT (DiLoreto only)
    • a full day of enrichment for students in Grades 6-8 once in a six-day cycle.