Virginia Beach Summer Mission

**It is important that you read everything on this website!**

Please take some time right now and read through ALL the information. Most of the questions you probably have can be answered by simply reading this website.

1. Read the page below first

2. Then go to the page Immediate Action

3. Have your Parent(s) read through the Info for Parents page

4. After following these steps, please continue reading ALL the other pages.

Welcome to the Virginia Beach Summer Mission!!!

It is exciting to see you step out in faith and trust the Lord with your summer plans. We know sometimes things like this can be scary, but at the same time this can be one really exciting adventure! And you are not alone in this adventure. Fifty other students and 25 qualified staff members and their families will be joining you from beginning to end and it all starts now. It is an honor to come alongside you as you embark on this journey. Our hope is that by the end of the summer you will have grown in your relationship with God, have fallen more in love with Him, walk away with lifelong meaningful friendships, and be filled with amazing memories.

The good news is that your VA Beach Summer Mission (SM) adventure doesn't start when you arrive, it begins now! As with any great journey, there must be time for preparation and readiness. You not only need to secure the funding, but you need to gather the supplies and necessary information for the road ahead, and prepare your heart and mind spiritually to be ready for all God wants to do in and through you. Also, maybe even recruit a friend or two to come with you! There's no better way to embark on a journey than going with those you know.

But before you begin this adventure, first make sure to join our Facebook page at the link below and watch a few videos of past Va Beach Summer Missions. Hopefully this will get you excited for what God has in store this summer!

Once you have done that, your next step is to take care of a few important details on the page titled “Immediate Action.”

If you have any questions feel free to contact us. We’re here to help!

Warmly, The Virginia Beach Summer Mission Directors