A message from Clinton's Counselor & Social Workers

Hello Students & Families,

We hope everyone is healthy & safe! Please know that Clinton's entire staff is committed to helping our students and families take care of themselves and each other during these difficult times. This website was created to help provide resources and tools to make that a little easier. We miss you, we think of you and we look forward to the time that Clinton's school family will be back in our building together!

This website contains many resources and information for handling all of the challenges that have come along with this difficult time. We know that everyone is being impacted in so many ways including financially, mentally, physically, and otherwise. We hope that some of the material on this website can help with that.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, need help with anything on this website, or need additional resources for something you didn't find here. You can contact us through email listed at the bottom of this page or by requesting an appointment through the "Contact" tab listed on the top of this page.

Stay home, Stay safe and Be well!