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Welcome to the Brooks Counseling Department webpage.

Our school counseling program's mission is to provide all students with equity and access to a comprehensive data driven school counseling program centered around an engaging curriculum that facilitates long range success and high achievement through student growth in academic, career, and personal social domains; creates an environment in which each student can learn at high levels; and encourages collaboration among students, parents, teachers and local community institutions.

The professional school counselors at Brooks College Prep believe

All students are capable of learning at high levelsAll students have dignity and worthAll students have a right to counseling services and supportsAll students have unique skills, talents and abilitiesAll students can be successful in their post secondary endeavors

The Brooks College Prep comprehensive school counseling program will

Utilize a holistic approach to meeting the academic, social-emotional and post-secondary needs of every studentTake a student centered approach toward goal setting Work as a collaborative team with all stakeholders to achieve program goals Use data to drive work and monitor progress of students and counseling initiativesConsciously address the diverse cultural, ethnic, racial, gender, and sexual identity needs when designing and implementing systemic program protocols 

All professional school counselors at Brooks College Prep will

Advocate to the best of our abilities for every single student  Provide appropriate resources and supports for all students to be successful in their lifelong pursuits Abide by the American School Counseling Association’s code of ethicsHold a valid Professional Educators License through the Illinois State Board of EducationParticipate in professional development activities to enhance our knowledge, services, and school counseling program 

Counseling Department Contact Information and Hours

Mrs. Tracey Boler



ADVISORIES401, 402, 501, 502, 601, 602, 701, 702, 901, 902

Mrs. Aurora Diaz-Meraz


8:00 - 3:30

ADVISORIES407, 408, 507, 508, 607, 608, 707, 708

Mrs. Adriane Jackson



ADVISORIES: 403, 404, 503, 504, 603, 604, 703, 704

Mrs. Jessica Mulder


8:00- 3:30

ADVISORIES: 405, 406, 505, 506, 605, 606, 705, 706, 805, 806   

Brooks Counseling Intern:  Mr. Sergio Morgan

Brooks Testing Coordinator: Robert Williams

How Do I Contact My Counselor?

Senior Parent Night-Meetings are Virtual 6-7 pm. Use this RSVP Form to register for this event. An English and a Spanish session will be offered for your convenience:

Brooks College Fair, Tuesday, September 26th, 5-6:30

     Freshman/Sophomore/Junior Parent Nights; Use this RSVP Form to register for any of these events.

Sept. 20, 2023, 6:00PM-7:00PM- English

Sept. 20, 2023, 6:00PM-7:00PM- Español 

Sept. 28, 2023,  6:00PM-7:00PM- English

Student Academic, SEL, and Postsecondary Supports

Academic supports offered by the Counseling Department.  

Social & Emotional Supports offered by the Counseling Department

All things postsecondary!  College and Career Planning, Financial Aid,  & Scholarships

Grade Level Resources

12th Grade Resources

Graduation, Senior College Knowledge, Signing Day

11th Grade Resources

SAT, Junior Push-Ins, Special Programs

Underclassman Resources

Freshman and Sophomore Push-Ins, Special Programs

Student Course Planning and Enrichment

Here you will find: course catalog, off-campus programs, and course selection.

Here you will find information about After School and Summer Program Opportunities for students.  Click here

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