To inspire, to be inspired!

Message from THE Principal

Mr. Chan Cheong Shun Charley

To celebrate the golden jubilee of Canossa Primary School (San Po Kong), our school has been organizing series of events to make our students, parents, staff and all the other guests feel the joy being a member of this loving family.

On 6th September 2018, Principal Mrs. Tan, teachers and the pastoral sister from Canossa Convent Primary School, Singapore visited our school and they were so impressed with our students’ show-and-tell on STEM and Makers.

In the coming two years, we will be sisters with Haidian Qu Yongtai Primary School, Beijing. We are looking forward to having more sharing between the students of these two important cities of China.

Kids, you will be exploring a bigger world and have to equip yourselves to be a global citizen in future. No matter what challenges you will face, please don’t forget the values of a true Canossian learner – love God, love Canossa, love learning, love family and love yourself!


The newsletter is in its third year of being published. Our newsletter name, ENGspire is made up of two words, English and inspire. With the ambition to inspire students to learn English and to feel inspired by reading the newsletter, ENGspire was born! We hope to enhance the English learning journey of our students in a fun and exciting way. Your attitude towards learning the language needs to be positive. So, unlock your mindset and always say “Yes, I can do it!"


The Young Reporters programme enables students to gain invaluable English writing and speaking experience, to take ownership in one's learning and to enhance their awareness of the world as global citizens. Students who join our team will have a chance to experience what it is like to be a journalist, report school events and the local issues that interest them and to have their articles posted online for a real audience.

Addae Kwok 4A

Hello! My favourite subject is science. When I grow up, I want to be a scientist. I like watching 'Harry Potter' films.I like Mathematics and reading books too! I am excited to be a school reporter this year.

Cheryl Lam 4A

Hi! When I grow up I want to be a singer. My favourite film is Zootopia. I enjoy reading books.My favourite book is, 'My Hamster is a Detective'. I look forward to being a reporter this year!

Zoey Lee 4A

Hi. When I grow up I want to be a singer. I don't enjoy watching TV shows or films but I like reading books. My favourite book is "Juliet the Valentine Fairy". I like school because I can gain a lot of knowledge and make many friends.

Whitney Tam 4B

Hello,I am nine years old.I would like to be an artist when I grow up. I have many hobbies but playing the piano and reading comics are my favourite. I joined the reporters' team so that I can get a chance to speak more English.

Keely Wong 4B

Hello everyone. When I grow up, I want to be a successful fashion designer. I enjoy watching films. My favourite films are ALL Marvel movies! My favourite animals are cats and pandas. I have a cat. His name is Heavy. I like school because my friends and I can learn things together.

Alouise Tse 4D

Hello,I am nine years old. I love animals. My favourite animal is a cat. I enjoy going to Ocean park. It is fascinating to see all the sea creatures. My favourite hobbies are playing badminton and playing basketball. I like school because I can chat with my friends and learn new things.

Michelle Lee 5A

Hello! I am 10 years old. I want to be an animator when I grow up because I want to make kids around the world smile. I am an anime geek. I am kind, caring, playful and witty.

Chloe Chan 5D

Hi! I want to be a vet when I grow up.I am good at drawing and making craft but sometimes I prefer to take a rest. I like all kind of sweet things because I think they are yummy. I signed up to be a school reporter because I love English.

Ichi Wong 5D

Hi!I enjoy playing badminton.I enjoy Visual Art lessons. I like drawing ,painting and doing crafts in my spare time. I am excited to be a reporter this year.

Conforti Valentino 6A

Ciao!I was born in Italy so I can speak Italian. My favorite place in Italy is Florence. I enjoy learning English, I.T. , Mathematics, Science and Physical Education at school.My hobbies are beatboxing, playing table tennis and playing computer games.

Vincent Tsang 6B

Hi!I want to be a policeman when I grow up. I like watching the news every day in the evening. I also enjoy watching English films, my favourite film is Mission Impossible. I wanted to join the reporters' team because I can improve my English.

Yemi Yick 6D

Hello.I want to be a car designer when I grow up. My favourite TV show is TOP GEAR.It talks about cars and their special features. Collecting hot wheels is one of my favourite hobbies because I love cars very much. Since I can't buy them in real life, I buy toys model to replace them.

Eunis Ng 6E

Hello everybody! I like playing volleyball and I'm a member of our school team. I am a member of Visual Arts team too. And also I like reading comics and watching animes. favorite subject is English so I am good at it.

Simon Wong 6E

Hey guys! I'm a Primary Six student now so I need to work hard for my examinations. Usually my English result doesn't go below 80 so my favorite subject is English. I think it is an important language for communicating with foreigners. I hope I can become better at English after joining the reporters' team!

Natalie Yim 6E

Hello everyone.I like singing and playing the piano. I have already attained Grade 5. My dream job is to be an ambulancewoman because I like helping people very much and this job is meaningful and challenging. Do you like school? I like school because I can play with my classmates and friends.

Constance Kong 6F

Hello!I enjoy singing so I joined the school choir when I was in Primary 4.I want to be an actress when I grow up.I would love to act in films! My favourite festival is Easter because my birthday always falls during the Easter holidays.

Nick Kwok 6F

SUP?My name is Nick Kwok. I want to be a pilot.I will fly a plane ALL DAY:) My class teacher is Miss Chak and I love Miss Chak teaching me English and R.S. lessons! I like school because I can learn many things. I chat with my friends and play games with them.I love playing computer games but not always.