2023 Lake Ontario & New York Finger Lakes

Tour Information: 2023 Lafayette Ride Around Lake Ontario


The Cavaliers Lafayette is a group of friends  meeting with friends for our annual cycling event. Please respect that we are all amateurs, who celebrate the commonality and differences of our home countries. This is important, because none of us are professionals at putting on this event, and your patience is requested, and suggestions appreciated.  This is how we roll.

Selected Key Dates

Bicycle Rentals


For the riders have selected the rental bicycle option. The bikes will be picked up prior to the start of the ride from Exclusive Sport Rental. Documents will be supplied bike documentation for crossing the Canadian / USA border.

Rental Bike border crossing proof of ownership (link 1) and (link 2)

Tour Routing

Our tour will include rides between cities as well as "hub and spokes" rides. We will spend three days in the Finger Lakes of New York and two days in Watertown, New York. On city-to-city days, there may be multiple route options to cater to both experienced riders (more hills, longer course) and those who prefer an easier ride (fewer hills, shorter course.

You can find the daily routes on the RideWithGPS web application. The routes are also available on the RideWithGPS smartphone app (Apple or Android), which can be downloaded from your phone's app store. Use the following link to access the web app: 

For any expensive items (especially your bike, but also cameras, lap tops, etc.), you may wish to complete an Identification of Articles For Temporary Exportation (for Canadians going into the US) or Certificate of Registration for Personal Effects Taken Abroad - Customs Form 4457 (Americans entering Canada). You can obtain these forms at the border or at your local customs office. 

Have the form(s) stamped at the border or prior to your trip. The serial number of the item is recorded on the form and proves the origin of the item. Otherwise the item could be dutiable (and in Canada, GST-able). Once completed and stamped, keep these forms, they'll be good for future trips. Non Canadian/US citizens should check with their own country officials for similar documentation. With bicycles, customs officials are looking to see if you purchased a new bike. In such cases the purchase may attract a duty and tax.

The form(s) should travel with the item. If your camera is on your bike, keep the form with you. If your laptop is in a support vehicle, the form should be in the support vehicle.


Toronto Hotel

Our Toronto base of operations will be  the Embassy Suites. It's located near the Toronto Pearson Airport.


Toronto parking for Ontario 2023 bike ride 

Short term: 

Short term self parking available at Embassy Suites Toronto Airport Hotel for discounted $18 CAD/night - regular price is $28 CAD/night. Maximum number of consecutive days for parking is 8 days 

Long term:


Driving Duties and Contact list

Our group consists of 21 people in week 1 and 20 people in week 2. We will have a luggage van and a car for shopping, picnics, and transportation during the tour. Please note that we won't have professional drivers, and participants will be asked to take turns driving the van and car, sacrificing a day and a half of bike riding for each duty.

Lafayette Riders Membership 2023_V-03

Contact list of the riders, same as the list on the left hand tab:

contact list

Issues on the road

If you have issues on the road, for example a mechanical issue or health issue, and need to be picked up, we will have both a van and a car. The phone numbers for both vehicles are located in the table above. To make it easier for the vehicle to locate you, you can use your smart phone to share your location with either vehicle.  Instructions on location sharing is lcoated at:  https://sites.google.com/coxintl.com/2023/gps-location-sharing?authuser=0

It would be wise to practice sharing your location before you're stuck need a lift.