Here is an overview of the class.

Each student will have a role in their teams when they enter the class.

1. Director - will support team members who didn't understand the directions and keep group on task and following directions

2. Facilitator - will keep the group at partner noise level, keeps track of time, and helps in assigning roles when group projects arise.

3. Table monitor - will make sure that the table is clean before and after the activities.

4. Materials Manager - will set up materials and clean up materials for the day.

5. Scholar Dollar Monitor - Reward teammates for being safe, responsible, and respectful by giving shout outs at the end of class.

6. Reporter - will report to the class when their are group discussions and report any concerns that the group has to the teacher.

Schedule for the year

August- September

Google Apps

October - November

Animation and Imovie


3D design

January - June

Computer Science

Scholar Dollars

How to earn them:

Meeting the expectations of the class that fall under Safety, Respect, and Responsible.

Going above and beyond to ensure our area is clean

Providing support to a teammate

Fulfilling our assigned role

Grading Scale

Parent Communication

If your student has had a great week, they will receive on of these notes. As a reward for being an exemplary Citizen Scholar in my class, they will receive a small prize.

If they are safe, respectful, and responsible every week for a month, they will be invited to celebrate with the rest of their peers in some sort of classroom festivity.

If your child happens to get a "Today was a rough day" note, then they had to be spoken to 3 or more times about meeting the behavior expectations of the class.

If they do receive one of these notes then they will need to bring it back with a parent signature the following day. If they do not bring it back, then they will be will be reported to the SCC office with an ODR major for further consequence.

Additionally, the consequence will have been discussed and agreed upon by me and your child.