Email Etiquette Tips

  1. Subject line should be short and informative
  2. Use a proper greeting
  3. Give time for a response
  4. Avoid using text speak
  5. Always check grammar and spelling
  6. Make sure to use a closing

Assignment #1

Email Mr. Arreola asking for help with anything you might need help with. It doesn't need to be something you actually need help with, so it can be something you make up. You need to use the slide below to guide you as you write your email.

Email etiquette

Assignment #2

In this assignment you will be writing an email once again. This time you will be writing about yourself to a friend and Cc-ing Mr. Arreola. You will also need to use the slides above to guide your writing. Remember, you are writing this email to a friend in the class, but clicking on "Cc" to write in Mr. Arreola's email. The email should follow the structure of a professional email.

Use the image below for directions on Cc-ing another person.

Assignment #3

In this assignment we will be writing another email. With another opportunity to demonstrate the skill of Cc-ing a person in an email from assignment #2, you will also to be able to demonstrate mastery by using the tool necessary to attach an image of your favorite character along with a description of your favorite character.

Remember: We are recalling the proper email structure from assignment #1 and using the Cc-ing tool from assignment #2.

There are multiple ways to attach a file

1. You can drag and drop an image into your email body

2. You can choose a picture that you have in your drive