About Me

Getting to Know the Teacher

I am originally from Lamont, Ca. If you don't know where that is, then think of Bakersfield, Ca, it is only a few miles from there. I moved to the San Fernando Valley a little before I turned 15. I graduated from Poly High School in 2004. After graduation I started at CSUN and didn't finish. Instead I started working. I have always held a position at a school. I have had the opportunity of working with all grade levels (k-12).

I have tried to start a career in other fields, but teaching has been my calling. I have held various positions in the field of education, from tutor to before school program supervisor, to PE Teacher and now Communications Teacher. I would love to continue teaching this communications class, but my passion is in teaching math, so I am currently in school to obtain my bachelor's degree and credential.

A few hobbies of mine have to do with basketball, movies, and super heroes. I love everything that has to do with basketball. I love coaching, playing, and watching basketball. My favorite movies are action movies and comedies.

I look forward to having a great year and look forward to teaching you.