Content Counseling Services

Kristi E. Content, MA, LMHCA

Mental Health Therapist in Kirkland, WA

Certified Gottman Educator


I commend you on taking this step to find the support you need. Your resiliency is evident from your outreach for support. Often, however, the coping strategies that get us through the most difficult of times can turn into constrictive habits in the long term. We all feel stuck sometimes, feeling bound by our own habits and limited by our instinctive responses. We can explore these stuck places together. With gratefulness for the important role these coping strategies played in helping to get you through, we can now work to identify new strategies that match your current needs and values and open the door for more meaningful experiences and relationships. 

My approach to therapy is primarily grounded in care for and acknowledgment of each client as a unique individual. My background in scientific research, clinical work with populations across the lifespan, and my appreciation for creative expression and movement lend to an approach to therapy that is adaptive and eclectic, utilizing a range of evidence-based and therapeutic modalities to rise to the current needs of each client. Read more about my approach here.

I welcome bodies of all sizes, abilities, and identities. 

This practice is trans-affirming, LGBTQA+ allied, and BIPOC-allied. 

I grew up in Rose Hill, so I was delighted to have the opportunity to open a practice in Kirkland. Family is a priority to me; I find great joy in spending time with my husband, two teenage kids, my extended family, and my hilarious, cute pets. My favorite ways to recharge are with hikes in the woods, yoga, walks with friends, gardening, and anything music or art. 

More than two decades of working alongside the Gottmans in clinical, educational, and research settings have made it abundantly clear to me: no two stories or experiences are alike, that only you know how you have been hurt, how you have coped, what works for you, and what you find fulfilling. I bring my training and resources to you with humility, knowing that you are the expert on your journey and will be the best guide as to what feels right for you. If you choose to entrust me with your story, I am committed to honoring this by being present for your needs, supporting your personal goals, and remaining curious as I learn more about what it is like to move through the world in your shoes. 

Children (age 5-12)

My work with Children and Youth is informed by training in the following modalities, treatment selected according to need, interest, and suitability: 

Teens & Adults

As an individual therapist, my approach is humanistic and eclectic, adjusted to meet the needs you bring to the room that day. Primary modalities include:

Relationships & Caregiving

As a Gottman Certified Educator with decades of experience working closely with the Gottmans, I support couples and caregivers through a lens informed by research & clinical experience in: