What is Mythodrama?

"The purpose of playing is to hold the mirror up to nature."

William Shakespeare - Hamlet

Mythodrama is a unique form of experiential learning that allows participants to "act in" desired behaviours and attributes. We employ a powerful combination of theatre practice, psychology, mythology and organisational development. It provides inspiration and learning for lasting change.

"So much is at stake and so much depends on the psychological constitution of modern man. Does the individual know that s/he is the make weight that tips the scales?"

Carl Jung

The psychological aspect broadens perspective and unleashes new possibilities in individuals and organisations. It creates a context to find greater meaning in our work.

"The abuse of greatness is when it disjoins Remorse from power"

William Shakespeare - Julius Caesar

Shakespeare’s genius provides timeless insights into the human nature of leadership, at all levels. Each of his plays contains a great mythology on the human condition. We can project our own issues on to these mythologies, to gain deeper insight into the nature of the challenges we face in our own lives and work.

All this is done in a practical, relevant and down-to-earth manner and is designed to engage even those who would normally feel out of their comfort zone with a theatrical metaphor.

"Mythological symbols touch and exhilarate centres of life beyond the reach of vocabularies of reason and coercion"

Joseph Campbell

Mythodrama extends the range of participants' thinking, behaviour and action.