CIS News

2021 July 6

Elementary Program Updates

On the last day of the pinball club, a match between teachers and students was held. The match was very heated and the teacher team managed to win!!✨


2021 June 26

Junior Program Updates

The Grade 6s and the Grade 8s did a design challenge to see how much weight 10 triangles could carry! The champions were able to hold over 1.5 kg!!

Nicely done!



2021 June 19

Health Check!

The health check season has come! We were reminded once again of the importance of daily health management. Let's stay healthy and safe!


2021 June 11

Elementary Program Updates

In the G2 Japanese class, we are studying how to take notes. On this day, we observed and interviewed staffs who work at school for us. Everyone did their best to take notes, using what they learned in class!


2021 June 8

Junior Program Updates

In the G7 Japanese language class, we learned about "the construction of Kanji and radicals", and learned that each part that assembles kanji has a meaning and that they are combined into one kanji. They tried to make their own original Kanji by thinking about the meanings of the parts. They came up with a lot of very interesting kanji!





自然 (Nature)

レストラン (Restaurant)

筆箱 (Pencil case)

2021 May 24

(Seniors) Mid-Term Exams

The first exam of this school year has just come to an end. The last day was the Art Exam. Senior students will have a half-day and dismissed after lunch on the final day of the exams. Well done seniors. Rest well and see you all tomorrow!


2021 May 14

Elementary Program Update

The other day, junior and senior high school students from the yearbook club came to elementary to take a picture. We are steadily preparing for this year's yearbook. Last year's yearbook is scheduled to be completed by the end of this month. We hope you'll be looking forward to it!


2021 May 14

Junior Program Updates

On the other day, the grade 8 ESL students went out to collect samples and played in the park for a short while.


2021 April 27

Junior/Senior Program Updates

We had a fire evacuation drill the other day. The students were able to evacuate to the yard quickly!


2021 April 19

Elementary Program Updates

This year's club activities have finally begun!

At the homework club, every student concentrated on their homework.

The soccer club is very popular this year as well.

Everyone was chasing the ball energetically, and it was fun to watch!





2021 April 18

New School Year Has Started!

Congrats and welcome new students! It has already been two weeks since the beginning of the new school year.We've had a wonderful start so far! Let's have another good one!