Meet the CWGs

The NNA-CO is supporting three Convergence Working Groups. Each group is co-led by a combination of Experienced Co-Lead (ECL) and Early Career Fellow (ECF) members. These groups are working under three community-identified themes.

Vera Kuklina (ECL)

George Washington Univ

Hannah Bradley (ECF)

Univ of Virginia

Alyssa Pantaleo (ECF)

Dartmouth College

Mary Beth Jager (ECL)

Univ of Arizona

Heather Sauyaq Jean Gordon (ECL)

Child Trends

Dylan Blaskey (ECF)

Univ of Colorado

Margaret Rudolf (ECF)

Univ of Alaska Fairbanks

Aurora Roth (ECF)

Scripps Inst of Oceanography

Howard Epstein (ECL)

Univ of Virginia

Casey Brayton (ECF)

Columbia Univ

Louise Mercer (ECF)

Northumbria Univ

Want to get involved?

During spring and early summer 2023, the co-leads for each CWG are working together to identify group members, who will then collaborate to plan the groups activities and outcomes. Group members are likely to meet virtually most of the time, but may also come together at the 2024 NNA-CO annual meeting or plan group workshops. Many CWG activities are possible and the members of each group will work together to plan and execute them.

Would you like to share your interest in participating as a Convergence Working Group member? Or perhaps you have other ideas for how you might like to interact with the Working Groups as their work continues? If so, please contact the group co-leads listed above directly.

CWG Simple Timeline

Possible Products and Outcomes

Each CWG expects to engage in activities together over two years. The activities and outcomes for each CWG will be defined by the CWG membership in consultation with the NNA-CO. CWG activities and outcomes should be clearly defined by October 2023.

The NNA-CO is able to support a wide range of potential activities and outcomes. Each CWG has a set budget and is able to plan for efficient and effective use of funds. Each CWG is expected to have $5k/year for a community participant(s) fellowship and $5k/year for other activities. (These are doubled for the Fostering Indigenous-Led Research group).

Potential CWG activities include, but are not limited to:

In designing their activities, CWGs will be asked to consider: What legacy do we wish to leave with Arctic communities and with the broader NNA community as the outcomes of the CWG?