GUILD Introduction

GUILD is a GNU/Linux User Group operating under FSMK - Free Software Movement of Karnataka.

We believe in the benefits brought about by the usage of free software and open hardware. As a student body we are a diverse, talented group of individuals trying to build useful sustainable technologies while at the same time forming a culture and a community that believes in a free society, where sharing information and knowledge can take place freely.

We are concerned with problems at the intersection of ethics, society and technology. Trying to solve the many issues that plague the world around us using innovative solutions is one of the focuses of our group. And to that end, we have certain active

Building and developing various Free/Libre and Open Source Software is another important focus of GUILD. We believe in using Free Software exclusively when possible and when not, to try and come up with solutions to replace proprietary software.

Some of our college activities include :-

    • Technical Workshops and Events on Free/Libre and Open Source Software

    • Non Technical Sessions, like reading events, debates, panel discussions, art and music competitions etc

    • Bi-Weekly informal meetings to discuss strategies in problem identification and project work to help solve those projects,

Faculty Co-Ordinators:

Dr. Pushpa M

Prof. Shivraj B

Prof. Priyadharshini A