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Hello and welcome to Ruma Tahi's Site for 2017 :)

I endeavour to add fresh content as often as possible. It should run as a true portal between home and school. Please take the time to leave us feedback too.

As part of our topic on peace and conflict the children have been researching a famous peacemaker and adding their understanding into a digital book made using the book creator app for chrome. Here are some that the children wanted shared. You can find each book on each child's site (when they add it).

The Mysterious Benedict Society: Book Review

The class are busy adding to their sites as we speak, so I thought I'd take the time to plug a book for busy readers over the summer holidays.

Trenton Lee Stewart has created something special here for readers who love mystery, adventure and good winning out in the end. Our wholesome group of four crusaders Reynie, Kate, Sticky and Constance are four orphans who choose to sit a test to join the Mysterious Benedict Society. Their task; to take down the even more mysterious Mr Curtain who aims to the control the world through nefarious brain bending. Can Reynie and co. outwit Mr Curtain? Or will is the task beyond them and too much to ask of children?

The book is nearly 500 pages long and uses some rich vocabulary that may beyond the ability of some of our readers. But for those looking for a summer hummer, this could well be it. A bonus are the lavish illustrations that start every chapter by Diana Sudyka.

The best kids book I have read in ages! Best part: it is the first book in a quartet! Enjoy readers.

Other favourite this year.

Mortal Engines Series. Phillip Reeves

The Severed Land. Maurice Gee

Sealegs. Alex Shearer

Genius Hour HSS Term 2 2017

Aren't we looking good?

Here is a collection of our Bitmojis that we've made that will assist us in making some swish looking comic strips this week.

See who you can recognise or not?

I was lucky enough to attend Moturoa Eco Mission with 8 cool kids on Wednesday. Kind of a mix between orienteering and problem solving.

The HSS Garden Gnomes were the supreme winners!

Here's a short video of what we were up to.

Wunderbar! What a stunning camp we had. Please enjoy some of the highlights of our 4 days in the stunning Mistletoe Bay.

I only started filming on the third day oops:) So lots of photos from the first two days and film from the last two.

A huge thank you to our wonderful, hardworking and good humoured parents who slaved away to make the camp so stunning. Please, if you get a moment, give them some thanks as they were truly fantastic.

We're just back from camp!

We have had an amazing time. I'll post a trillion photos soon and am in the process of making a small movie of some of our highlights.

In the meantime, here is a photo of some of the class cuddling pigs.


Enjoy the first Reddy's News of the year, starring our very own Isla.

Look out for the awesome camp events we'll get to experience next week.

Term 1 2017 Newletter