Get to Know Rog Henson...

My name is Roger Henson, AKA Chubby Rogers ( band name ) Buddy Rogers ( past “Radio” handle ) Guy Buddy ( failed comic! ) and 3 draft choices to be named.


Most of my life and career I have focused on helping business owners succeed and developing talents in others. It’s been a good run and I feel that there is still room for a few more successes going forward.


I have become bored with traditional websites that demonstrate flashy graphics, trying make companies look more than they are or something they are not. That’s not me or us! What you see is what you get. So when I found out we had to move our previous site from Abode Business Catalyst, I asked myself, "why not just do something simple like show examples of some work and a little info about our character and personality?" Characters we are, personality I’m not so sure. But with the help of my ad partner and good friend of 35 years, Bill Quell. I hope we have demonstrated a bit of this here. If not, I own this.  


Although this site captures some of who we are it only scratches the surface at best. We ( creative’s ) are complicated and very diverse people. The best way to learn about us is to reach out and invest a little time getting to know us . We are warm and open minded human beings ( uh huh ) that happen to be in the ad game!!! Now that’s Creative! 

The funny thing is, I learned a long time ago being creative is not always the best objective, but being effective is . That fact is, people hire us to “Get Results” and that’s what we strive to do. If it doesn’t move the needle or sell something…we’re mad as hell! Then we get fired.


If any of this makes sense to you can you please explain it to me? I look forward to hearing from you.

Some of ABC San Jose's TV & Radio spots over the years...

These are just examples. Everything we do is custom designed to meet the objectives of our clients.  Let us design something special for you!

TV: Gilroy AutoMall Used Car Quote Request

TV: Stevens Creek Subaru

TV: Stevens Creek Nissan en Espanol

TV: Stevens Creek BMW Customer Testimonial

TV: Stevens Creek Subaru

TV: Helm of Sun Valley

TV: Bruce's Tire

TV: Britannia Arms 

RADIO: Kyoto Palace "Cool New Menu"

VIDEO: Product Overview of EVMC for Cyber Switching

RADIO: Kyoto Palace "Live Read" on KRTY radio

RADIO: Kyoto Palace "Live Read"

On TV, On-Air & Online

Advertising Business Consultants of San Jose has deep experience developing response-oriented campaigns for retailers that target the most valuable audiences across both TV and radio as well as online through custom websites, email, Pay-Per-Click campaigns and social media.

About ABC San Jose

Advertising Business Consultants is a network of Marketing, Media, Creative and Advertising professionals from many varied backgrounds and experiences. CEO and Bay Area Advertising veteran Roger Henson has spent over 45 years cultivating, developing, and maintaining a network of professionals who know how to get the job done quickly and cost effectively.

Some of ABC San Jose's clients over the years...