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12:00 - 22:30 Fridays & Saturdays

If you know the time, date or size of group, we suggest you book. Follow the link and choose the date and time from the drop down menu.

All our gins and events are available to Click & Collect (or post) online. Follow the link to see the full range of gins, gifts and events available.

Gin Shop, School & Social.    Events & private hires.

'Sundowner' Terrace open from March - October (just pop in)

Friday & Saturday Night Cocktail Lounges and other social events/pop-ups for visitors and locals alike, you can visit the social's pop up events as well as become a Gin'spired Member.

A range of GIN Tasting sessions, GIN Making classes; bespoke GIN; distillery talks and tours, cocktail masterclasses...

GIN: Social 

The Cocktail Lounge is a chance to sit back and relax in our nano distillery or on the terrace in the evening sun (or wrapped up in a cozy blanket under the tent outside). 

Open 12:00 - 18:00 Thursdays, 12:00 - 22:30 Fridays & Saturdays.

You can walk-in (or book if you are a larger group as we have a limited number of spaces) and dogs are welcome. 

You can book online ahead of time, or call, text or Whatsapp 07362 587768.

In 2024: see the full range of GIN based events, workshops and tastings below.


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Private Hire? 

 Email: or call 07362 587768.

GIN: School (tasting)

Public GIN TASTING classes

We have different gin tastings every six to eight weeks. You will join a group of up to 12 people and taste four spirits over the course of approximately 90 minutes.

The sessions are £39 per person and the bar can be open afterwards should you wish to enjoy your favourite G&T as a full serve!

Upcoming dates (click links below to book)

Private sessions for 8+ people are also available (see right)

Want to buy as a present? Email us (below) for a bespoke Gift Card.

Private GIN TASTING for groups

Our private gin tasting sessions can take place in the distillery or in your home or garden. They are perfect for corporate events, birthdays parties, hen and stag dos or simply a treat with friends. 

Sessions can be based around our regular sessions of 'seasonal', 'regional', 'international' or 'surprise' or you can suggest a theme.

In the distillery... from March 2024 onwards, you will join a group of people, exclusively in the distillery for the night. Post event, the bar is open... you can stay as long as you want (until 23:00!).

In your own home... our guide price is £280* for up to eight people (extra people can be added for £26pp; max: 20 people). The cost includes a special alcohol licence (a Temporary Event Notice) and travel (additional mileage may incur if outside of the 'Clevedon' area). 

GIN: Gift Cards

You can purchase a Gift Card from our online store for any of our events or to exchange in person when buying gin. You can choose your own amount and even customise the gift card by adding a message or choosing the design.

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GIN: School (making)

Our Gin Making classes are booked to order with a minimum of two people, and up to a max of six. 

Over 2-3 hours, using our special mini copper and glass stills, you will create at least 20cl of gin (usually more) of your very own herby, spicy, fruity or floral gin in a class of up to 6 people. If you like what you make, we can keep it on file and can make bottles of your very own gin whenever you want. 

Bookable sessions are £170 for two people and £85 per person after this up to six people  (participants must be over 18). 

If you would like to a book a Gin Making session, or buy this as a giftfor someone, pelase get in touch by emailing:

GIN: School (tours and talks)

Whilst we secure and set up our new micro distillery, we continue to offer demonstrations and talks on the history of gin, cheeky tasting, foraging for botanicals; everything related to how it's made and how it continues to be the most versatile spirit in the world. 

Get in touch if you would like to find out more. 

GIN: Shop

In the distillery

You can buy Pier Gin frm the distillery Thursday to Saturday, 10:00 - 16:00 or whenever the OPEN sign is outside!

Buy Pier Gin

Click & Collect

Buy online for Click & Collect from Clevedon or Bristol, or have it posted. Click here to buy Pier Gin online. 

Pier Gin Team

Pop ups

We can often be found at a Clevedon Sunday Market, EAT Festival or a local and seasonal market. See our dates and locations above.

You can also buy Pier Gin in...


Canvases and Prints: now available in the distillery and through our online shop.

All of thr seven images avaiklable were contenders for the Pier Gin Series branding. Only 'THE Image' made it, but we have made the shortlisted seven available to purchase as a print or canvas in a variety of sizes. 

Click here to browse in the online shop.

The Clevedon Distillery emerges...

Nicholas & Lukasz launched PIER GIN® in April 2021, a project that turned lockdown walks a full scale business. We are currently securing a new home and int he meantime continue to make gin between our old premises (No. 23, Old Street) and at The Old Army Camp in Somerset. Our friends at The Somerset Spirit Co. are critical in us being able to maintain Pier Gin supplies, so huge thank you to them. This means we can continue hosting gin tasting, gin making, cocktail masterclasses, events and private parties as well as our usual pop-ups in markets and different locations.

You can read our full story, and how we are locally inspired and globally conscious, below. 

Click here to read our story

We love gin.

We find it fascinating how spirits can take on the essence of location, evoke a memory through taste or how a season can be captured in a bottle.

A two week road-trip of Welsh micro-distilleries in August 2020, as well as the time and space that long Lockdown days provided, gave us the confidence to combine Nicholas' passion for flavours and foraging with Lukasz' cultural and creative talents. By using gin to capture our own locality, we continually play around with tastes - what we like, can forage and grow. We ask our friends and families too and this has led us to launching where we live in Clevedon; moving from consumer to producer, The Clevedon Distillery emerged. 

We love Clevedon.

We live a pebble’s throw from Clevedon’s sea front with its huge estuary skies. The changing tides and seasons bring with them the smells, sights and tastes of seaside living and we knew that we wanted to embody these in our gin: a true taste of living close to nature. Bottling up this spirit of Clevedon; it’s fresh salty air, hedgerow berries and bright yellow gorse are the true essence of our Pier Gins. We also love travelling nationally and internationally, and have been luckily to live and work in countries around the world. This has inspired us of course, as well as made us realise that a more local approach to how we live and work must be a focus.

We love local. 

We are strong supporters of all things local, whether it’s our veg box from The Veg Box or film nights at the iconic Curzon cinema, and we knew that for our gin we wanted to stay close to home. We had no idea what was on our doorstep until we started to explore botanicals that grew locally, including wild fennel, gorse and sea buckthorn. We have not stopped there, and continue to work on making every aspect of our Pier Gins as local as they can be, including working with:

Whilst we get our micro distillery up and running, Antony from Somerset Spirit Company is helping us to get Pier Gin out there. It started with the amazing Joe from Chew Valley Distillery, and as of September 2021, Antony is now running our gin through his stills to our botanical recipes whilst we get set up in Clevedon.


Not only that, we will continue to make conscious choices in our sourcing, production and marketing to be as sustainable as possible. 

Wedding GIN


Personalised favours with handwritten labels. 

We can provide Pier Gin Classic as individual guest favours, or bottles could be filled with your own unique blend of gin.

Get in touch to discuss ideas and quantities.


 Bespoke Gin

A one-of-a-kind gin specifically made for a special day

From a special memory, event, place or even just favourite flavours, we can create a unique botanical gin with bespoke labels, just for you.

Get in touch to arrange a free consultation.


Pop-up Bar 

A Gin and Cocktail bar which can pop up anywhere from a bar, golf course or field.

Full tented independent bar to a 'bar take over', we can pop up anywhere, whizzing up cocktails to your budget and specifications.

Get in touch to discuss space and numbers.

The PIER GIN Series


Pier Gin, the 'classic' is a soft gin (due to it low Juniper content). It was designed so that it could be used in any way: G&T, neat, cocktails with lemonade...

Mixer: Folkington's Indian Tonic Water  ➝ (click to order

Garnish: A thin slice of lime and a glass full or ice (or shake your Pier Gin and pop it in to the freezer, along with your lime slices; no need for ice).

Elderflower, fennel and gorse.

Pier Gin: COASTAL Edition

Coastal, is a light herby gin with elderflower hints and fresh fennel and gorse notes foraged from the coastal path between Clevedon and Portishead.

Mixer: Folkington's Elderflower Presse ➝ (click to order

Garnish: A twist of lemon rind over the glass and a glass full or ice.

Gooseberries, sage and honey.

Pier Gin: GARDEN Edition

Garden, is best enjoyed as a long Gin & Tonic.  With gooseberry hints, followed by fresh sage, the honey adds a flavour but not the sweetness. All botanicals come from people's gardens and allotments in Clevedon.

Mixer: Folkington's Garden Tonic ➝ (click to order

Garnish: Any herb  or fruit you might find in a summer garden: rosemary, thyme, lemon verbena, raspberries/

Elderberry, rosehip and pine.

Pier Gin: WOODLAND Edition

Woodland, is intended to be a stronger, shorter G&T with a tart and sweet top note followed by warming pine, foraged from Clevedon up the woods to Cadbury Camp.

Mixer: Folkington's Eary Grey Tonic ➝ (click to order

Garnish: A fresh slice of red chilli.

Seaweed, seabuckthorn and sea salt.

Pier Gin: SHORELINE Edition

Shoreline, is designed to be drunk neat at room temperature in order to get the balance of the seaweed and sea buckthorn. A soda could be used to make it a longer drink, but tonic does not work with this one. Botanicals foraged from Clevedon, Sand Bay and Uphill seashores.

Mixer: Folkington's Club Soda ➝ (click to order

Garnish: A rasher of crispy bacon next to a cheese board.

PIER GIN cocktail ideas

Pier Gin Sour

Shake or blitz in a processor until very cold and frothy. Strain and serve in a heavy glass, sprinkled with bitters.

Garden Blush

Pour gin over sugar cube; mash.  Tope up with Prosecco and add Gooseberry (or other frozen fruit garnish).

Woodland Negroni

Shake until super, super cold and strain. 

Shoreline Martini

Shaken until very cold. Strain and serve in a coupe with crispy bacon or dried seaweed.

LoGlo* Gin 

*Locally inspired. Globally conscious.

Our aspiration is to be climate positive. Currently we are working on 'low miles, low carbon' as a first step. We are trying to make our gin production as sustainably transparent as possible. 

Our current approach is keeping as low miles as possible as a first step with an aim of being zero net carbon within the next few years. Once our distillery is up and running at full capacity we want to be carbon negative (or climate positive, a more optimistic term!). 

The list below is growing, so keep coming back to see what we are doing now to be locally inspired, globally conscious as well as future aspiration. Click to read more.

In production...

SPIRIT: Currently, we use a UK grain spirit. In the future we want to source a Somerset organic grain spirit.

WATER: Currently, we use local water to blend the spirit. Can't get much more eco than that!

FILTERING: We want to source a British, or even local version, of organic activated carbon once we get set up.

ENERGY: We want to move to using 100% renewable energy in all stages of the process. 

TRANSPORT: We deliver on foot or bicycle to our Click and Collects or within Clevedon, and plan other deliveries whilst we are doing other tasks. In the future, we aim to get an electric car/mini van. 

Whilst bottling...

BOTTLES: Currently, we use 51% recycled glass, sourced from the South West and are trying to source higher recycled content (although there is much debate around this). Our bottles are slimmer and lighter than most, which means we can fit more in boxes as well as them being lighter. This has an impact on transport... less weight means less fuel to manufacture, less material and less fuel to transport. Better than buying the bottle is reusing them, and we aim to offer a refill service once we are up and running; reusing a glass bottle can reduce up to 30% of the carbon of gin production. 

LABELS: Our labels currently are made from paper, although it is not recycled paper pulp at this stage. This is something we are exploring with our designers and printers.

TAGS are currently cardboard and natural latex rubber bands. We are trying to source an organic/recyclable materials. Our challenge is making sure the double sided labels stay on the bottle, so people know what they are buying! Any ideas, warmly welcomed.

CAPS: We use FSC wooden bottle tops with a composite 'cork'. In the future we want to explore organic materials for the cork element (although not cork though as it can degrade and fall into the gin as well as being hard to trace origins).

ANTI-TAMPER SEALS, currently are made by hand dipping bottles in local beeswax. Can't get much more sustainable than that!

When serving...

TAKEAWAY: During the warmer months we offer Takeaway G&T and Mulled Gin in the winter months. These are always served in compostable VegWare cups.

POSTAGE: We use cardboard for everything, and refuse to use any form of single use plastic (unless we are reusing it ourselves). Where we do use plastic, it is usually PLA (a bioplastic made from plant oil) and where this is not possible, the plastic must be grade 1 recyclable (the number one inside the triangle of recycle arrows) meaning it can be recycle at any recycling point.

We have only just started, so if you can see a hole in our list, let us know and we will endeavour to fill it. If you also know of someone that help us achieve our aspiration, again please Get in Touch. 

Get in touch

Email, text or call.


Text, Whatsapp or call: 07362 587768

Please be aware that the whole team work part-time, so if a more immediate response is required, please text or call.