Looking ahead to a bright future

The Gloucester County Clerk’s Office has certified the results of the bond referendum, which was approved by voters.

The tally included 6,527 votes for the referendum, and 4,748 opposed.

Clearview Regional High School District has begun to lay the groundwork for projects that will bring a Middle School STEM Lab, turf field, enhanced security, HVAC upgrades and other improvements to our schools.

We will update the community through email and other regular communication channels as information becomes available.

The district and Board of Education members appreciate all the voters who informed themselves about the bond proposal and made their voices heard.

We are confident that the projects on the horizon will provide years of benefits for our students and community members.

How we got here

Clearview Regional High School District is a high-quality school system offering exceptional opportunities in academics, arts and athletics.

However, our Middle and High School buildings need attention, particularly for chronic humidity issues that have forced students to temporarily shift locations and have led to high repair and energy costs.

The urgency to address major facility needs has led the Board of Education to consider a bond referendum.

What is a bond referendum?

A referendum is just another word for a vote. Voters in Mantua Township and Harrison Township – the municipalities the district serves – will decide whether Clearview Regional can finance significant building projects through the sale of bonds. If you are registered to vote at least 3 weeks before the referendum, you can have a say in the proposal.

A bond referendum is a logical strategy for school districts because it:

  • Slashes the local tax share. Without the state aid that comes with an approved referendum, residents would take on the full cost of the projects.

  • Opens the door to state aid that is not available any other way. The state would cover $23 million of the eligible project costs if voters approve a referendum.

  • Completes work on a fast-track schedule instead of over the course of decades; some projects could not be done at all without funds from an approved bond referendum. If voters OK Clearview’s proposal, projects could begin next summer and would be targeted for completion by the start of the 2025/26 school year.

What could we accomplish for students & the community?

  • Upgraded security systems

  • Consistent, efficient climate control

  • Support work necessary to access energy-saving funds

  • STEM Lab for Middle School

  • New sound, lighting for auditorium

  • New emergency generators to meet modern needs

  • Middle School roof section replacements

  • Entrance upgrades

  • New exterior doors

  • Synthetic turf field

  • Upgraded, expanded space for fitness activities

  • Enhancements that create value for district communities

Clearview's Virtual Town Hall brought together an expert panel that included the district's architect, financial advisers, teachers and other staff members.

To watch by category, follow these time markers:
2:30 - Project Overview

15:00 - Safety and Security

27:00 STEM and Auditorium

40:00 Turf and Athletic Facilities

57:00 Funding Strategy

1:13:40 Additional Questions

Why is the timing right?

Several factors are pointing Clearview toward this strategy for funding improvements:

  • In 2023, Clearview communities will finish paying off debt from the last significant investment in schools. As a result, new improvements can be made while keeping the tax rate at the same level.

  • A fall vote positions Clearview to begin work on critically needed projects by summer 2023 and target completion by the start of the 2025/26 school year.

  • The district wants to tackle upgrades as soon as possible to prevent further repairs and costly energy drains from humidity issues.

Rendering of synthetic turf field at Clearview Regional High School

WATCH: Overview of bond referendum projects & funding strategy

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