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Clearview Regional High School District is a high-quality school system offering exceptional opportunities in academics, arts and athletics.

However, our Middle and High School buildings need attention, particularly for chronic humidity issues that have forced students to temporarily shift locations and have led to high repair and energy costs.

The urgency to address major facility needs has led the Board of Education to consider a bond referendum.

What is a bond referendum?

A referendum is just another word for a vote. Voters in Mantua Township and Harrison Township – the municipalities the district serves – will decide whether Clearview Regional can finance significant building projects through the sale of bonds. If you are registered to vote at least 3 weeks before the referendum, you can have a say in the proposal.

A bond referendum is a logical strategy for school districts because it:

  • Slashes the local tax share. Without the state aid that comes with an approved referendum, residents would take on the full cost of the projects.

  • Opens the door to state aid that is not available any other way. The state would cover up to 40% of the eligible project costs if voters approve a referendum.

  • Completes work on a fast-track schedule instead of over the course of decades; some projects could not be done at all without funds from an approved bond referendum. If voters OK Clearview’s proposal, projects could begin next summer and would be targeted for completion by the start of the 2025/26 school year.

What could we accomplish for students and the community?

Safer, healthier buildings

Air quality
Clearview needs to correct an imbalance in climate control to improve air quality, end damaging humidity issues, and reduce energy and service costs. Modern, efficient HVAC (heating, ventilation and cooling) systems would improve filtration and replace equipment that is not properly functioning. Proposed improvements would add air conditioning to the High School and Middle School gyms, hallways and any remaining instructional spaces without it.


Upgraded security systems would include new exterior and interior doors, fire alarm systems, security glass and anti-intruder hardware on classroom doors. New public address systems at both schools would replace obsolete equipment, and enhance a recently installed threat alert system. To address safety outside the buildings, the district would conduct a traffic study to improve the flow of buses and other vehicles following an approved referendum. Creating more separation between pedestrian pathways and traffic is another goal.


New emergency generators would replace old models that lack the capacity to support current building and technology needs. The upgraded equipment would keep the critical systems at both school buildings operating in the event of an outage.

Access to energy-savings funds

Clearview will achieve other efficient, cost-savings upgrades through the state's Energy Savings Improvement Program, which allows school districts to pay for specific projects using the value of the savings. Some projects are included in the referendum because they are necessary to support the ESIP-funded work, but they are modest in cost and do not qualify for ESIP funding.

More space for STEM

Converting the Middle School Wood Shop into a STEM Lab would expand an important piece of a modern curriculum.

The High School already has such a lab, so this addition would provide continuity of instruction and ample space to explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

Exterior building upgrades

At the middle school, three sections of the roof would be replaced.

Both schools would receive new exterior doors. Entrance upgrades would have a benefit beyond aesthetics, helping visitors find their way into the buildings.

Funding from a state energy-savings program apart from the referendum would expand the district's use of roof-mounted solar panels. While the cost-saving solar panels would be paid for, the bond referendum would cover support work for the project that the state program wouldn’t.

Enhanced sports and fitness facilities

The district’s sports programs have high participation, and proposed renovations would expand opportunities for athletes to train – and for all students to exercise.

The High School’s auxiliary gym would be converted into a fitness-focused room for weightlifting, conditioning and movement. The space would be available to students before and after school as well as during gym class. The existing weight room and trainer’s room would be upgraded to accommodate increased interest in fitness programs.

A new multipurpose synthetic turf field would give student-athletes the same opportunities available in surrounding districts, and could be used right after it rains, unlike the current grass surface.

Updated auditorium for music and theater

The district’s highly rated music and drama programs would benefit from modern amenities. A digital sound system, new video system and new theater lighting would replace outdated systems with parts that are difficult or impossible to replace.

Working with the latest equipment would provide valuable learning experience for students. Audiences would also benefit by attending performances with enhanced sound and lighting.

Community pride and value

Clearview Regional already gives its communities plenty of reasons to be proud: The district is known for its dedicated teachers, innovative programs and engaged students.

Improving the learning environment for students and staff would create even more of an asset for the residents of Harrison and Mantua Townships. The upgrades also would contribute to creating desirable communities with higher property values.

Why is the timing right?

Several factors are pointing Clearview toward this strategy for funding improvements:

  • In 2023, Clearview communities will finish paying off debt from the last significant investment in schools. As a result, new improvements can be made while keeping the tax rate at the same level.

  • A fall vote positions Clearview to begin work on critically needed projects by summer 2023 and target completion by the start of the 2025/26 school year.

  • The district wants to tackle upgrades as soon as possible to prevent further repairs and costly energy drains from humidity issues.

What's next?

The Board of Education has approved the ballot language for a referendum on proposed projects. Later this summer, the Board is expected to take action to place the referendum on the Nov. 8 ballot.

This website will be updated with more information on voting and proposed projects, funding details and FAQs. Voters also will have opportunities to learn about the bond referendum through social media, printed materials like flyers and postcards, a video, and community and Q&A events.

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