Tessellation - "The covering of a surface, often a plane, using one or more geometric shapes, called tiles, with no overlaps and no gaps. In mathematics, tessellation can be generalized to a higher dimension and a variety of geometries."

Enabling a Sustainable Ecosystem for Automating Microfactories

Introducing the world's first patent pending dual sided 3 dimensional precision robot worksurface that is configurable, scalable and re-usable.

mFactory | The Tessella Approach to Microfactories

A Microfactory is modular, scalable method to sustainably manufacture products in rapid succession. Tessella’s mFactory workstation gives you the ability to start small, introduce automation, deploy to mass production and then re-use the same standard building blocks for future products.

The mFactory approach allows the engineering team to focus on critical applications like EOAT’s (End of Arm tooling) and product specific fixtures. This leaves the mundane tasks of enclosure design, standard component fixturing, configuring to international safety standards to Tessella mFactory standard building blocks for faster system configurations.

Deploy rapidly, introduce flexible automation, grow as needed, and transition from prototype to mass production in record time!

Standard Automation and Robot Cell Building Blocks
Robot Surfaces | Surface Modules | Enclosures | Kits | Safety Gateway

System Integrators

Tessella products and solutions are specially geared for System Integrators as they deal with short delivery timeframes and integrating a vast variety of components mostly dictated by the end customer. Solutions range from prototype to volume production.


Tessella products address the small or large OEM’s and ODM’s typical dealings with a large mix of products and fast time to market using Tessella products that can be re-configured and re-used quickly for next generation products

Contract Manufactures

Tessella products help adapt contract manufacturers to deal with the fast changing manufacturing setup for different customers in terms of the mix of products and volumes by enabling them to move seamlessly from prototype to high volume production and quickly reconfigure from one product to another, saving cost, time and labor.

mFactory Customer Repository (Coming Soon)