The Clayton Ridge Teacher

Instructional Leaders

Mrs. Nicole DeGidio

Clayton Ridge High School

Mrs. Michelle Fassbinder

Clayton Ridge Middle School

Mrs. Sarah Zahradnik

Clayton Ridge Elementary


  • Increased student achievement - for all students every day - is why we are here.
  • We are smarter together. Collaboration with teachers, fellow instructional leaders, PLC strategists, and administration is critical.
  • It is not the instructional leader's job to fix teachers or be the expert on all things. Everyone brings varied experience and expertise to the table that will be valued and respected.
  • Instructional leaders are most effective when they help others reflect on their own practice. Doing things for teachers is helpful but does not help build capacity.
  • We are all learners committed to continuous improvement.
  • We are motivated by purpose and effective teaching.
  • We assume best intent. Everyone cares about kids and is dong the best job that they know how and/or able.
  • Instructional leaders will strive to listen more than talk.