NSAA Cup Finishes

2018-19: 1st Place (Girls-1st, Boys-Tie 7th) Through Speech Championships

2017-18: 1st Place (Girls-1st, Boys-2nd)

2016-17: 2nd Place (Girls-3rd, Boys-5th)

2015-16: 3rd Place (Girls-5th, Boys-5th)

2014-15: 2nd Place (Girls-2nd (tie), Boys 4th)

2013-14: 1st Place (Girls-1st, Boys 5th)

2012-13: 3rd Place (Girls-6th, Boys-3rd)

2011-12: 1st Place (Girls-1st, Boys-2nd)

2010-11: 3rd Place (Girls-3rd (tie), Boys-6th)

2009-10: 2nd Place (Girls-3rd, Boys-6th)

2008-09: 2nd Place (Girls-4th, Boys-3rd)

2007-08: 9th Place (Girls-5th)

**NSAA Cup Details & Point System

The annual awards program, which began in 2007 to recognize the state’s most successful high school athletic and fine arts programs, is presented to the 12 Nebraska high schools which earn the most points during the school year by participating in NSAA education-based activity programs. NSAA Cup winners are determined by a point system based on participation in NSAA education-based activities and performance in state championship events within each division and class. Music, which does not have a state-level event, earns points based on participation at the district music contest. The boys and girls competition in each class features schools earning participation and performance points from their respective activities. In the all-school division, schools receive participation points for each of its NSAA registered programs, and earn additional points for placing in NSAA championship events.