Remembering Mather Through The Arts

Artist and Retired Art Teacher Brenda Singleton Leads a Keepsake Throw Pillows Workshop That Combines Mather School History and Creativity.

In a workshop developed and facilitated by artist and retired art teacher Brenda Singleton on behalf of the Mather School Museum and Interpretive Center at the Technical College of the Lowcountry, participants combined gained and past knowledge of the history of the Mather School with their creative skills to design and create keepsake throw pillows.

In this workshop participants were able to use a variety of skills to create their pieces. Participants engaged in sketching, drawing, stenciling, cutting, and gluing. As well as hand stitching, machine sewing and ironing; which were skills that were apart of the Mather School curriculum.


This workshop was suitable for all age ranges and ability levels. Participants aged 6 to 86 were able to find fulfillment in this activity. A couple of participant reponses were “Wonderfull!”, and “Need more of these type of classes!”

As you can see the results were stunning! These mementoes will help further the story of the Mather School.