Central Kitsap Virtual Academy

CKVA Logo - overlapping circles that look like a web

Central Kitsap Virtual Academy is an option for families who would like a 100% online educational experience for students in grades K-12.

Central Kitsap School District is partnering with Pearson Connexus to provide full online courses, supported by your neighborhood teachers.

If you have received a message that you are locked out of your Pearson Connexus account, please fill out this form and a specialist will reset your account as soon as possible.

Three things to remember when signing in:

1) If you are using ClassLink to access Pearson Connexus, please be sure to use the black Pearson Connexus tile labeled "CKVA - Pearson Connexus". You can also access CKVA's Pearson Connexus site using the link your teacher provided - https://centralkitsapva.lms.pearsonconnexus.com/

2) Sign into Pearson with your CK username but do NOT include the @ckstudents.org

3) Your password should have capital C lower case k in front of your student ID number: For example: if your password is 12345678, your password would be Ck12345678.

**We are experiencing a high number of support calls throughout CKSD. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.**