about us

The City Classis is a classis of the Reformed Church in America. It exists to follow Christ in mission to cities. Our shared purpose is to cultivate and nurture an environment where spiritual renewal, innovative ministry and leadership development results in healthy and reproducing urban churches.

The Reformed Church in America

The Reformed Church in America began as a small gathering In the colonial town of New Amsterdam (today's New York City) in 1628. Today, the RCA includes 300,000 people across North America.

The RCA believes what all Christians believe. First and foremost, we believe the affirmation, "Jesus is Lord" (1 Cor.12:3), the earliest of New Testament Creeds. The final authority in the Reformed faith is Holy Scripture, the living Word of God, spoken to everyone through the Holy Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit takes the Word of God and makes it real and actual in our lives. This has always been and will always be the authentic wellspring of Reformed faith.

Standards of Unity