At CINDOG MEDIA, we embrace the idea that we humans are here to GIVE as a primary function. "GIVE without expectation of reward or return to be clear". Whatever rewards that we get is purely a side-effect of the good-will, value and positive actions we take with the people and businesses that we engage with.

We are ONE is an initiative through CINDOG MEDIA to help and support each other in creating a world that supports all of humanity and all beings. We are developing projects that you can get involved in, and will make available the details on this page.

For now some of the people and companies that we have come across on our journey and we see as embracing this idea in some way or form is listed below, and we encourage you to get involved and pick one, two or as many of the following that resonates with you and your business.

Kiva - Link to EWC Team through Kiva.org

Alister McDonald - Business Coach - Supporting Business Owners / Startups

Petar Lackovic - Imparting Sales Skills to Business Owners

The Business Marketplace - Supporting Business Owners

Eric Bailey - Activation Speaker

Jack Delosa - Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed