The Standard Operating Procedures Product allows you to have documented format and a standard way of conducting your day to day business operations. It allows to to take the guess work out for doing things or resort to ad-hoc and hap hazard methods. Having a standard way of doing your business means you can bring new staff members on board faster, and gives you a true feeling of confidence in how you conduct business that could not otherwise be achieved so easily.

Once you have established standard operating procedures for your the main business activities that you do on a day to day basis, it will not only give you confidence, it will allow your customers to experience a level of consistency that they otherwise would not. It will also allow you to get feedback, and make micro-adjustments, that can exponentially improve customer satisfaction, allow for repeat business, as well as word of mouth referrals from your existing customers that are impressed by the quality of your products and services that you offer.

There is nothing greater a business can achieve, than word of mouth referrals, that are a reflection of the quality of service or product that you provide through your business. However to achieve this you will need to know down to the minute detail of how you do things within your business, so you can see what's happening and perform the improvements necessary.

If your business is documenting your processes, making improvements based on feedback and analysis of existing processes, then the path to achieving a trusted brand can be achieved with great strides.

​​The Standard Operating Procedures Product includes the following:

​Standard Operating Procedures Product

  • Sourcing and Inclusion of relevant content from your staff
  • Creating of a Standard Operating Procedure​
  • Management of feedback on review of document by key stakeholders and staff and implementing changes

Add-ons - Continuous Improvement Subscription

  • Review of Standard Operating Procedure on a Annual basis with Staff as Processes or Technology Change (with Annual Review Subscription).
  • Quarterly Report on comments by Staff for Continuous Improvement.

Get ready to impress your customers by embracing continuous improvement

to your business operations by taking the first step now to document your processes

Packages available for One, Two and Three Standard Operating Procedures.

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