Help Desk

Logging a Ticket

To submit a ticket please email or go to and log details of your problem, along with your mobile and email contact details. We will respond with a time to go over your problem.


Tickets processed within the Standard 24 - 120 hour delivery timeframe based on availability.

Tickets from $77 for 30 mins,

$97 for 60min and

$129 for 90mins

Priority Processing

You may purchase a Priority Service at additional cost to Ticket to guarantee priority processing based on the following timeframes. Although we will endevour to do our very best, this does not guarantee the Ticket will be resolved within these timeframes, rather we will process it.

High - 12 - 24 hours $150;

Medium - 24 - 48 hours - $100;

Low 48 - 60 hours - $50.

Extremely Urgent Processing

For requests that are Extremely Urgent that require Immediate Action, we are happy to provide a quote on a case by case basis - please log the ticket and text us on 0447 169 001.