Miss Markrof



I am Miss Emily Markrof and this is my second year teaching at Chippewa Falls High School. I am a University of Wisconsin Eau Claire graduate with an elementary and cross-categorical special education license. The Chippewa Valley is beautiful and I am happy to stay in this area! It has so much to offer! At Chi-Hi I teach PAES Lab, Basic World History, Basic US History, Resource and co-teach sections of World History and US History.

I love reading, biking, and hammocking. Tacos (any mexican food really) are the best! I am always up for an adventure, but also like a low-key weekend with my family. I started my own business with Mary Kay on the side. I keep my teacher instagram up to date with exciting things we are doing in our classroom (@missmarkrofsmarvels). Every day in my room you will see a quote, what national day it is, A/B Day, and the date. My classroom is always open for anything you may need! Room 126!

~Miss Markrof

markroem@chipfalls.org (715) 738-2660 ext. 1227

Miss Markrof's Schedule

1A: World History w/ Mrs. Hable (room 214) 1B: Basic World History (room 126)

2A: Prep (room 128 or 135) 2B: Basic US History (room 126)

Homeroom: Sophomores (room 126) LUNCH

3A: PAES Lab (room 135) 3B: Prep

4A: Resource (room 204) 4B: US History w/ Mrs. Hubers (room 216)