The Radcliffe Wave

The Radcliffe Wave is a gigantic structure that defines the shape of the Sun's local neighborhood in the Milky Way Galaxy. Its existence was first presented officially in a paper published in Nature on January 7, 2020. This website offers scientists, educators, and the interested public much more information about the "RadWave," as we like to call it. Please use this page to find publications and talks, visuals (images, interactives, and videos), history, team info, software, and data. And, if we forgot something, just let us know—and we'll try to include it in future updates!

Publications & Talks






Science Univ. Prof. João Alves; Dr. Stefan Meingast

Press Ms. Alexandra Frey

Science Dr. Catherine Zucker; Prof. Alyssa Goodman; Prof. Douglas Finkbeiner; Dr. Joshua Speagle

Press Ms. Mary Bergman

Science Prof. & co-Director Alyssa Goodman (RI '17); Prof. Dr. João Alves (RI '19)

Press Ms. Jane Huber

Science Dr. Gregory Green (presently Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg)

Science Dr. Edward Schlafly (presently at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Press Mr. Glenn Roberts

3D dust mapping Software+Science

Dr. Gregory Green, Dr. Eddie Schlafly, Dr. Catherine Zucker, Dr. Joshua Speagle, Prof. Douglas Finkbeiner (PI)

Press Prof. Douglas Finkbeiner (PI)

Software Dr. Peter K. G. Williams (CfA/AAS); Mr. Jonathan Fay (Microsoft Research); Mr. Curtis Wong (Microsoft Research, ret.)

Science/Visualization Prof. Alyssa Goodman

Press Dr. Rick Tresch-Fienberg

Software Dr. Thomas Robitaille (Aperio Software & glue solutions, inc. lead glue developer); Dr. Catherine Zucker

Science/Visualization Prof. Alyssa Goodman (PI)

Press Prof. Alyssa Goodman