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The Ceres High School Counseling Department is excited to welcome students and parents for a brand new school year! Let’s work together to make this a wonderful and memorable year at Ceres High School. The purpose of our team is to support students and families at every grade level. We strive to provide academic, college/career, and personal/emotional support to each student. We also work with Student Support Specialists (SSS) who aim to further support students socially and emotionally.

This site contains important information about upcoming programs, CCGI, College Visits, Financial Aid, Scholarships, SAT and ACT testing dates, and so much more additional information. Please familiarize yourselves with the information shared with you on our google site.

What does College and Career Ready mean?

College Ready-A College Ready student is an academically prepared student, ready for post-secondary education or training without the need for remedial coursework. Whether you are pursuing a four-year degree or studying for a skilled trade license, being ready means having the reading, writing, mathematics, social, and cognitive skills to qualify for and succeed in the academic program of your choice.

Career Ready-A Career Ready student possesses both the necessary knowledge and technical skills needed for employment in their desired career field. For example, a student who is ready to become a teacher not only possesses knowledge of education policy, but also possesses all required certifications required to become a teacher.

Students are expected to attend live Zoom video sessions daily for each period - (camera on is encouraged) - in order to be marked present.

If students do not attend the live Zoom sessions, they will be marked absent for that class period.

Parents are the only people that can clear absences. Students may not clear their own absences.

Parents can call our attendance office at 556-1920.

Important Upcoming Dates

CHS College & Career Workshops (Fall 2020)

Meet the Learning Directors

Nadia Macias-EL Learning Director

Alexa Nunes Madruga-9th grade Learning Director

Andrea Baroni-10th Grade Learning Director

Veronica Vas Dinis-11th grade Learning Director

Maribel Soares-12th grade/Lead Learning Director

Daisy Salinas-College Transition Learning Director

Tutoring Schedule 20-21

Distance Learning Resources

Click on the link for additional resources

Student Support Specialist

Provide individual/group skill building services to meet needs of students. SSS's provide skill building services. Join the SSS google classroom using the code maixbrm

Be sure to stay connected to us through google classroom for important updates and information.

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Short Term Independent Study

Students who are going to be absent between 5 and 10 days of school may request to be placed on a Short Term Independent Study contract. The student and guardian must meet with his/her Learning Director at least 7 school days prior to the scheduled absence and complete the independent study contract. It will be the students’ responsibility to speak with their teachers to collect any homework. All work must be submitted on the day that the student returns in order to receive credit.

MJC Dual Enrollment

MJC Dual Enrollment Presentation

A work permit will be granted to a student based on the following criteria:

1. Students must be eligible each quarter in order to have a work permit. (2.0 GPA and no more than 1 “F”)

2. Students must have a job before applying for a work permit.

3. The employer must meet the California and Federal Labor Codes for students enrolled in school. (Applications and information are available in the Dog House)

Work permits may be revoked at any time at the discretion of an administrator or a parent.

Career Spotlight

Career Summary

Programs and Majors & Colleges Offerings