Science Space

Welcome to the Science Lab!

I am so excited to continue adventuring in science with the students of Saint Matthew School! This is my 23rd year of teaching, and each year only gets more fun. STEM is my passion, and I hope to instill a love for science, technology, engineering, and math in your child. We will be doing so many hands-on activities and experiments in the lab during school hours, and the older students have the opportunity to extend their learning with after school clubs. My goal is for each child to develop a sense of wonder in the world God created.


  • Earth and Space Science: Daily and Seasonal Changes
  • Physical Science: Properties of Everyday Objects and Materials
  • Life Science: Physical and Behavioral Traits of Living Things

First Grade

  • Earth and Space Science: Sun, Energy, and Weather
  • Physical Science: Motion and Materials
  • Life Science: Basic Needs of Living Things

Second Grade

  • Earth and Space Science: The Atmosphere
  • Physical Science: Changes in Motion
  • Life Science: Interactions within Habitats

Third Grade

  • Earth and Space Science: Earth's Resources
  • Physical Science: Matter and Forms of Energy
  • Life Science: Behavior, Growth, and Changes

Fourth Grade

  • Earth and Space Science: Earth's Surface
  • Physical Science: Electricity, Heat, and Matter
  • Life Science: Earth's Living History

Fifth Grade

  • Earth and Space Science: Cycles and Patterns in the Solar System
  • Physical Science: Light, Sound, and Motion
  • Life Science: Interactions with Ecosystems

Sixth Grade

  • Earth and Space Science: Rocks, Minerals, and Soil
  • Physical Science: Matter and Motion
  • Life Science: Cellular to Multicellular

Seventh Grade

  • Earth and Space Science: Cycles and Patterns of Earth and the Moon
  • Physical Science: Conservation of Mass and Energy
  • Life Science: Cycles of Matter and Flow of Energy

Eighth Grade

  • Earth and Space Science: Physical Earth
  • Physical Science: Forces and Motion
  • Life Science: Species and Reproduction

Lego Club

Third Grade

Winter/Spring 2019


4th, 5th, 6th grade

October - May

Lego First League

Fall/Winter 2018