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My name is Holly Gable and I am a former producer (8 years) and wardrobe stylist (2 years) for TV commercials, music videos, and an award-winning independent feature film. I have also directed and shot 20 music videos. After having children, I switched gears to portrait photography and still maintain my photography business. Photography and filmmaking are my greatest passions and not a day goes by where I don't have a camera in my hands! I am a proud mother of two, and I love: tea, books, my cats (and all animals), traveling, pop culture, music festivals, museums, exercising, anime, video games (I'm new to gaming and not very good yet), and ALL THINGS ART! Teaching film and photography to students is an absolute joy and I look forward to creating with you this year!

How do I get (extra) help if I need it / don't understand something?

Please email me anytime for additional help. OR, come to my PAWS session.

What is the best way to reach you if I have questions?

I check my email often! Please send emails to and I will respond within 24 hours (but usually within several hours).

Random: Ms. Gable's TEENAGE favorites...

Books: The Catcher in the Rye, 1984, Siddhartha, Brave New World, and as a younger child, I loved The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and Ray Bradbury's books and shortstories. Now, my favorite author is Haruki Murakami.

Films: Blade Runner. That was the film that made me want to work in film production. Even though I was way too young to understand the film when I saw it, it was absolutely the coolest thing I had ever seen and I knew I wanted to be somehow involved in film making.

Music: David Bowie, The Clash, Tears for Fears, The B-52's, Prince, Micheal Jackson, and pretty much all 90's hip-hop.

Sports: I played tennis all through middle school and high school (HS varsity all four years) and ran track (200, 400 and mile relay) in high school. Truth is, I wasn't very competitive and did sports only to stay in shape, have fun with my friends, and avoid wearing a PE uniform ;)

Photography: I didn't discover my love of photography until I was 17 and went to Japan for a year as a high school exchange student. There, I lived with a Japanese family, learned to speak Japanese, and bought a camera to document my year. I feel like I've had a camera in my hand ever since. Also, I absolutely LOVE Japan and consider it my home away from home.

Other: As a teenager, I loved fashion, thrift store shopping, going to concerts, going to the beach, and dying my hair. I guess some things never change :)