Mrs. Mccarthy's artroom

Started Spring 2020

Visual Art

Learning experiences in the art room promote visual art understanding and knowledge as well as problem solving, exploration, and creativity.

About me

Hi Barnet Community,

I’m the Visual Art Educator for Barnet School. My background is in textile design (though I have also worked as a window display designer, a gymnastics coach, and a kindergarten teacher to list just a few). I graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a B.F.A. After college I went to work in NYC creating designs for fabric used in the dress wear market. From NYC my husband and I moved to Oklahoma City, OK (really flat land) where our two sons were born. But, we felt the North calling us back and we landed here in the NEK. I earned my M.A. Education: Curriculum and Instruction through NVU- Johnson.

I am passionate about the visual arts- what can be learned from and through the arts as well as the benefits of participating in the arts. I strive to build learning experiences that not only incorporate the various learning needs of students, but also encourages them to become actively involved in viewing and interpreting the world through many lenses. I want students to see art projects as problems that have many possible answers.

Be curious & creative!

~ Beverly McCarthy


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