Graduation PLANS + Pathways

This web page is intended to provide CCS students and parents with information regarding Indiana's Graduation Program.

Intro to Indiana's Graduation Plans

The Indiana Department of Education requires private accredited schools to ask parents and students to annually document each student’s inclinations toward a particular career path. The goal at CCS is to complete this annually by December 15 along with our other Graduation Pathway deadlines. Please note that CCS is not required to report this information to the state nor does a student’s future aspirations get recorded on transcripts. This information is kept in a local file at CCS and teachers and administrators will review this data as we seek to include academic experiences that will help students confirm the validity of their early aspirations and inclinations.

As a reminder, CCS has provided a convenient, simplified form designed to guide parents through this discussion and to help complete the process fairly quickly. Grade-appropriate forms can be found in the CCS Student Quick Find section below.

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Intro to Indiana's Graduation Pathways Buckets

With the passage of the new Graduation Pathways by the State Board of Education in December of 2017, students are able to individualize their graduation requirements to better align with their postsecondary goals. In other words, the path to graduation is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Overall, the new changes are designed to provide support to CCS students so that they are more adequately prepared to be successful in whatever God leads them to pursue after high school.

Colonial Christian School students must satisfy at least ONE requirement from EACH of the following three buckets, in order to graduate. These three buckets are:

Diploma Designation

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Diploma Designation

Select ONE of following:

  • Core 40 designation

  • Academic Honors designation

  • General designation

Employability Skills

Select ONE* of the following:

  • Project-Based Learning (PBL)

  • Service-Based Learning (SBL)

  • Work-Based Learning (WBL)

*Combination of options also available.

Post-Secondary Readiness Competency

Select ONE of the following:

  • Honors Designation

  • ACT

  • SAT


  • State-and Industry-Recognized Credential or Certification

CCS Graduation Pathways Overview

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CCS Student Quick Find - THE FORMS TO FILL OUT!


(Grades 9-12: fill out December 1-15 and May 1-15)

Optional for Bucket 2: Print this Personal Track Record as often as you need to keep personal records of your hours. CCS does not need to collect this form.

How do I turn in my hours?

Required for Bucket 2: Fill out the online form below at the following times:

  • December 1-15 annually AND

  • By May 1-15 annually OR

  • At the conclusion of any non-recurring service, project, or work based learning to be signed by a mentor who will not be asked to sign for other items during the December and May windows. Contact Kourtney Dolvin to have the form opened outside the December and May windows.

NOTE: please combine all hours onto one form if it will be signed by the same person (example: youth pastor, employer, etc.)

Note to CCS Student

Once you have accurately completed the information on the Verification Form (below) and click Submit Form, your submission will be sent to your Faculty Advisor as well as the employer, mentor, coach, or teacher for the adult (not-parent, please) verification. An accurate email address for the non-parent adult signing your form is important so that the form is emailed to that address for a signature.

Once the collection window ends, you will receive confirmation from your Faculty Advisor regarding your hours submitted. Please keep in mind that all approved hours count towards your total hours. Approved service hours will be recorded on transcripts.