Hello CCSD59 Team. The new SEL Team is very excited to support the district. Please be patient as we make changes to this website. This website is still serving as a resource for all staff regarding SEL and Climate Coaching and Intervention needs, and you can communicate with the SEL Team using the same resources as before. We look forward to working with everyone.

Thank you!

SEL Team

Meet the SEL Team

Beth Jarosch (Climate & SEL Coach)

Beth has taught elementary and middle school for 14 years in NYC and Oak Park. Prior to her move to IL, Beth was an instructional coach. She lives in Elk Grove, has two little kiddos at home, and loves spending time in the trails of Spring Valley Nature Center and at her family bakery. She is excited to coach alongside the fantastic D59 staff.

Tina Bujnowski (Climate & SEL Interventionist)

During the past 6 years, Tina has been the SEL Interventionist at Friendship Jr. High School with 12 years of overall experience working as a school social worker. Spending time with family, friends and traveling is how she likes to enjoy her free time.

Renata Calderon (Climate & SEL Interventionist)

Renata has 8 years experience as a middle school social worker. She lives in Franklin Park with her family, and 4 rescue animals. She enjoys cooking, looking for new restaurants to try, and being outdoors. She is excited to start her new role as an SEL Interventionist in CCSD59.

Alison Mogge (Climate & SEL Interventionist)

Alison has been an SEL Interventionist at Holmes Junior High for the past 5 years. She is a licensed Social Worker who has devoted her career to helping individuals, families, and teams build their confidence and capacity to meet their goals and establish healthy relationships. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, planning silly social gatherings, and reading a good book!

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Featured SEL Strategy

Shared by: Pam Rogers

8th Grade Dual Language ELA Teacher at Holmes

Pam shared that she has each student create their own Google Site which has served as a wonderful way for students to showcase their learning and passions. Consider having your students create a Google Site---they are free! Plus, this is a great end of the year activity for reflecting together.

Pam has been partnering together to share mindfulness with her students. She wanted to find a way to increase student focus, reduce anxiety, and support the unique emotions and that this school year has experienced. She created a Google Site that shares more about our mindfulness coaching cycle journey together with her classes.

SEL Classroom Spotlight

Michele Langford

2nd/3rd Grade Dual Language Teacher at Brentwood

SEL folder (feel good folder)


With no space left in my 2nd/3rd multiage classroom with 34 kiddos due to Covid restrictions, I had to get creative fast! There was no room for a calming corner. In fact, I already had a calming cart on wheels. With Covid guidelines and a large class, the cart wasn’t going to work. I came across an idea for SEL folders on Tik Tok! Yes, Tik Tok! I knew this would be a an excellent alternative for a calming corner or calming cart and still allow kiddos to have a space of their own to deescalate or recharge. The best part?!? The folder allowed me to keep teaching with minimal distractions, while a kiddo was taking care of his/his social emotional needs to get back to learning.

What is it?

The SEL Folder is a two pocket, with prongs folder that we keep in our desks/tables and use when we need to deescalate or recharge ourselves. Essentially, it is a portable/individual calming corner or calming cart but in a folder.

Without hesitation, my supportive principal, Dr. Kim Barrett, purchased the white folders for my class once I shared with her my idea. Lindsey Frank and I discussed some of the planning and components we would put in the folders to help students have a tool where they can regulate their emotional needs and be optimal for learning.


-student sticker picture or any other picture on cover

-white folder so they may personalize

-affirmations we wrote

-teacher note

-pictures of themselves, our class, and/or friends as a reminder to our “why” and that so many people love/care about us

-breathing exercises


-blank paper for quick sketch or drawing

-yoga (mindful movement) postures

-list of strategies

-sensory items (coming soon) Velcro dots

-our mission and goals


Aligned with many SEL lessons


-celebrating yourself

-goal writing and mission statements


Other Info…

-individual/personal space

-can be added to as year goes on and strategies are acquired

-keepsake, “feel good folder”

-launching folder and expectations

-some components are reserved for certain time use (example: yoga/movement postures are for times when it won’t distract others)

Have an awesome idea that you would like to share with other teachers around the district?

Send Lindsey an email with your tool, strategy, picture, lesson, etc. to be featured here! Frank.Lindsey@ccsd59.org

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